Best Beauty Buy in a While – Surya Brasil, Color Fixation – Restorative Hair Mask

Surya Brasil – Color Fixation – Single Application – Restorative Hair Mask

Surya Brasil - Color Fixation

Surya Brasil offers unique body care products including natural hair color and organic body care using sustainable Amazonian plants, innovative manufacturing techniques and biodegradable packaging. The company offers beauty, health and well-being with Brazilian flair!’ (

Wondering why I’ve spelt colour as color – well that’s how the brazilians spell it. Surya Brasil – Color Fixation is as the name implies a brazilian product. Made from rice protein that strengthens the cuticle of the hair, Cupuassu Butter which absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, Buriti Oil which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and is photo-protective … and 15 Herb and Natural Exotic Fruit Extracts from India and the Amazon forest, it sounds like the best smoothie on earth for your hair!

I got the chance to try it out over the weekend in the shape of the Restorative Hair Mask. It usually costs about €3.45 and is supposed to be used as a single application but because my hair isn’t very long, I actually got two goes out of it. It’s used as a deep treatment for dry or coloured hair and as I am blessed (or cursed) with naturally curly hair that is coloured … it called out my name.

Surya Brasil - Color Fixation - Single Application

The directions are simple – wash your hair and then apply – leave it for a few minutes and rinse – very simple. Not so simple natural ingredients but simple to reap the benefits. What’s even more impressive than your soft and nourished hair that has been given a colour boost is the knowledge that you kind of did your part for man and the environment by using the product in the first place as Surya Brasil all about environmental conservation, animal protection and living by the ‘Ayurvedic Principle’ which brings …

together Nature, the Science of Ayurveda, and Technology thus harmonizing the human with his environment while respecting the animal and plant kingdoms for the purpose of preserving a better world — one that is ecologically sustainable and socially just.

Would I use Surya Brasil Color Fixation Restorative Hair Mask again – YES! Do I want to know more about the other Surya Brasil Color Fixation products – I DO! … so watch this space.

For information on Surya Brasil you can visit their website here 

To purchase Surya Brasil products in Ireland & UK please visit the Irish based Your Tonic‘s website here

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