Fashion Fix – Tips on What to Wear to a Music Festival in Ireland

What to Wear to a Music Festival in Ireland

You just can’t beat the potential of a music festival in Ireland – it can become one of the best experiences of your life. A happy memory maker. Choose a genre, and you’ll find a music festival to match your taste. From traditional Irish music, to progressive house. For one day only, or for a full weekend. In a field, or on the grounds of a Manor House.

What to Wear to a Music Festival in Ireland - Chilling Out in the Sun

And although there’ll always be a 50/50 chance it’ll rain, because after all it is Ireland. There’s a saying by renowned fell walker Alfred Wainwright you should heed that goes “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” So with that in mind here are my ‘Tips on What to Wear to a Music Festival in Ireland

  1. Wear whatever you like.
  2. Bring a hands-free bag.
  3. Don’t wear sandals.
  4. Do wear sunscreen.
  5. Don’t wear valuable accessories.
  6. Be prepared for rain.

1. Wear Whatever You Like

Dress up as Batman or a Fairy Princess. Who cares if every Tom, Dick and Mary is wearing cut-off denim shorts and flowers in their hair. If it makes you happy, do it. Fashion faux pas who? You do you. But ALWAYS take into consideration that you will be using a portaloo throughout the day or weekend. So that toe touching dress might reek after a few visits. And those straps that seemed to open easily, will never open easily after you’ve been queuing for twenty minutes doing the pee-dance.

My Festival Pick:


This gifted Monsoon Sarita Tie Front Midi Dress (RRP £60) from will be one of my top choices for festivals this year. It’s light, airy and made from 100% cotton so it has a good chance of staying fresh. Plus it fits my sustainable fashion ethos because it’s from the Monsoon S.E.W. Collection. This means it’s certified eco-friendly “which champions sustainable fabric and supports both people and planet”. I can wear it as is, or with leggings or jeans underneath.

2. Bring a Hands-Free Bag

Go for a small sized bag that won’t infringe on your dancing, drinking, eating and clambering up to the front of the stage. All it’ll really need to carry is money, tissues, maybe some makeup and your phone. Try a cross-body bag, a mini-backpack, a bumbag or, my latest favourite a Dust + Rock Wrist Pocket.

My Festival Pick: