Why The Original Fatboy Lamzac is Our Family Travel Must-Have

Introducing The Original Fatboy Lamzac

When I suggested to Patrick that the Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 I had been gifted was going to be a great addition to our family travel adventures around Ireland and beyond. He was sceptical. Sceptical because it was an air lounger.

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 The Life of Stuff

He believed that it might look ‘the business’ on the box. But he really didn’t believe that this inflatable couch was going to be ready to use in seconds.

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - What's included in the pack

But he proved himself wrong, the very first time we used it. And now he agrees that it comes along on every road trip we take. In fact most times he instigates it!

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Patrick relaxing

Why We Love The Original Fatboy Lamzac

Light and Compact but Strong

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - What you need to start

The Original Fatboy Lamzac comes with instructions, a small bag to carry it in, a peg, and a repair kit. It’s made from made from nylon ripstop and a high-density polyethylene bag.

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Light and Compact

And it’s so light, a child can carry it. But always under supervision because the bag has drawstrings. More on using the Lamzac with your littles below.

Easy to Inflate

The Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 is so easy to inflate, it actually takes seconds. We’ve broken it down into five steps. It can be done in a small space or a larger one as illustrated below.

Step One – Unroll

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Step 1

Take the Fatboy Lamzac out of the bag and unroll it.

Step Two – Shake it Out

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Step 2

Make sure the Fatboy Lamzac is fully unrolled, give it a shake to straighten it up.

Step Three – Fill With Air

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Step 3

Hold the Fatboy Original Lamzac up and with a short swoosh fill it with air. Try keep the angle straight. And remember the firmer you want it the more air you want in it.

Step Four – Close, Roll & Click

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Step 4

When the Fatboy Lamzac is filled with air, close it. Then roll it and click the fastener shut.

Step Five – Peg in Place

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Step 5

Peg in place if you’re outside, not inside obviously. And you’re ready to relax!

Family Friendly

The Original Fatboy Lamzac is family friendly. And you’ll be hard-pressed to keep your littles away from enjoying it.


However as per the guidelines, the Original Fatboy Lamzac is only suitable for children over six years old. And although it can be used inside or outside – it is not a toy, nor a floatation device. Safety is required around all children and pets at all times – because they may crawl in and suffocate. Smith loves it but he is never, ever, left unattended with it.


But as you can see even when I take time to lie back and relax. I’m never left unattended either! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Of course there’s room on this Fatboy Lamzac for two more!

Original Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 - Family Travel Must-Have

For more on The Original Fatboy Lamzac visit : fatboy.com


The Original Fatboy Lamzac - The Life of Stuff - Family Travel


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