Five of Europe’s Truly Secret Romantic Retreats

Looking for a secret romantic retreat?

This is what Europe has to offer –

Europe has been, still is, and will always be, one of the top destinations for tourists across the world. With its amazing mixture of cultures and traditions, it draws a huge number of visitors to its shores all-year long. There seems to be an air of romance in the name itself, and every country is as beautiful as the other. In the past, popular destinations have been places made famous in history books such as Rome, Paris and London. In recent years, more and more people are looking for destinations beyond the usual cities in order to have a memorable and out-of-the-ordinary vacation. As such, here are five of Europe’s truly secret romantic retreats.

Porto Santo

Five of Europe's Truly Secret Romantic Retreats

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If you want a dream vacation spent with your loved one, this is one of the least discovered beaches in all of Europe. It offers a pristine environment with nine kilometers of powdery white sand. It is part of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, located in the North Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Africa and is characterized by volcanic sands that are believed to provide healing for aches and illnesses. No matter what, you and your partner will enjoy Madeira’s best kept secret as you celebrate your relationship in probably the last paradise island in the continent!

Hallstatt, Austria

Five of Europe's Truly Secret Romantic Retreats

image source: wikimedia commons

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the village of Salzkammergut. It is a very picturesque lakeside village that has few inhabitants, lending every couple an opportunity to have a really romantic, private vacation. Pastel-coloured houses add vibrancy in springtime. The entire place is perfect for memorable photos to take back home with the scenery reflected in the clear, glassy waters of the lake. Visit during the annual Corpus Christi celebration to watch the procession of boats on the lake.

Noto, Sicily

Five of Europe's Truly Secret Romantic Retreats

image source: Pixabay Milito10

While Italy is full of places perfect for romantic couple getaways, the island of Sicily is likewise ideal. The town of Noto in particular is famous for its Baroque architecture and is considered another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wandering around its quaint little streets to discover its beauty is an ideal way to have an impressive vacation. It would be great to visit during the Infiorata Festival to witness the creativity of springtime. You can look up Sicily holiday rentals online to book your stay in advance.

Annecy, France

Five of Europe's Truly Secret Romantic Retreats

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This French town is built around the 14th century château with the French Alps surrounding it. It is so picturesque that it speaks romance all the way. It sits on a triangular islet with the Canal du Thiou surrounding it. It is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns, with cobbled streets, pastel-coloured houses and winding streets to get lost in.

Reine, Norway

Five of Europe's Truly Secret Romantic Retreats

image source: wikimedia commons

Reine, Norway – This place can easily compete with the others listed because of its beauty and elegance. Reine is more than picture-perfect, it is unspoiled. It’s located on the northern part of Norway’s Lofoten. This quiet village with the perfect combination of red and white fishermen’s houses marking the shoreline and the surrounding peaks of granite mountains in the background made it earn the accolade, “the most beautiful place in the world.”


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