Peruke & Periwig, 31 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Peruke & Periwig

Peruke & Periwig

It had been on my mind to pay a visit to Peruke & Periwig for some weeks, three weeks actually as it opened its doors last Valentines Day February 14th. It’s the newest kid on the Dawson Street block, a baby sister to the Liquor Rooms and Vintage Cocktail Club, amongst others, and from the snaps I’d seen on twitter and the chat I’d heard from a pal, I had a feeling I was going to like it … a lot. With a half day off work, the sun shining in Dublin and my beau on my arm, or I on his, there was no better time to pop by and check the place out and if you follow me on twitter @dLifeofStuff you may or may not have seen this photo earlier today, which will give you an inkling of what I got up to …

Peruke & Periwig Cocktails

… it was posted as a reply to Peruke & Periwig on whether their Monday treat of free macaroons with a lunchtime coffee could be altered to macaroons with a lunchtime cocktail instead. They said they’d see what they could do …

Peruke & Periwig Twitter

Anyhoo, twitter aside and Peruke & Periwig in hand, Patrick and I took a walk up Dawson street to No. 31. From the outside the Bar & Lounge looks dark and you could mistake it for being closed which is a unique quality as it almost feels like you are in on the hush of a secret place to go, either that or an early house, but there was no secret knock needed and it was after 1pm after all.

Peruke & Periwig Bar & Lounge

Setting foot inside the saloon and you are greeted by old worldly decor of leather seating, small wooden tables, antique framed prints and paintings, extravagant light fixtures and lamp shades, perukes and periwigs (wigs!), a fine looking bar that stocked everything from draft beer to wine, a friendly and attentive hostess and a dapper looking barman … 

Peruke and Periwig - Barman and Hostess

Peruke & Periwig Bar Dublin

The bar at the ground level is only the first of the floors that Peruke & Periwig offer its clientele and those who prefer the views of street life, an open fire, a library wall or the intimacy of sitting in a romantically lit corner can make their way up stairs to not one but two floors, should they wish. I love the fact that the staircase is narrow, the ceilings are high and that ‘old’ feel has been replicated so well that it almost seems haunted. I say almost.

Peruke & Periwig Dublin

Peruke & Periwig Dublin 2

When we visited today, we didn’t stop by to sample the dining experience but to sample their cocktails, however looking at the menu we’ve already planned a return. We did order the ‘Crispy Pickled Red Peppers with House Ranch Dip’ from the snack menu and if there had’ve been a bucket of these little beauts, the thought ‘pigs at a trough’ comes to mind.

Peruke & Periwig Cocktails and Food

We were not disappointed with our cocktail menus bound in soft suede/leather and alphabetically ordered with individual quotes for each cocktail. Patrick chose a ‘Fools Gold’ (Havana Club 7yr, Ginger Beer, Bitters), I chose a ‘Whovian Sour’ (Poitin, Kummel Wolfschmidt, Lemon, Sugars, Bitters, Whites) and I have to say they were scrumptious and gave good kick.

Peruke & Periwig Cocktails and Drinks

I’m looking forward to returning and dining at Peruke & Periwig. It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like on a busy weekend night. I’ve been told that it keeps its charm. I’ve also been told that those who frequent it most are keeping this place to themselves, well sorry guys … the secret is definitely out!

Peruke & Periwig Dublin Bar

For more information on Peruke & Periwig, you can visit their website here

Oh and by the way … look what came my way … I had a goo after the twitter teasing so I asked about them … you know what they say ‘you don’t ask, you don’t get’

Peruke & Periwig - macaroons

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