Bevvy of the Week – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout and Ale

Kentucky Stout and Bevvy of the Week – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout and Ale 

Kentucky Bourbon Stout & Ale

This week we are going to look at the next two beers in the Kentucky range and it’s certainly  a matter of keeping the best for last. As you can imagine from the names Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, these two brews have been aged in barrels that once held Bourbon.

The Bourbon Stout is rich and full. Flavours of caramel and vanilla are all present and it packs a punch at a little over 8% abv

The Bourbon Ale is full of character. The oak is really present in this ale from the ageing. It’s soft and smooth with side flavours of vanilla. This is a true gem and at 8% abv it’s great ale to sit and sip. 

You can pick these up for around €5 per bottle but they are worth it.

Enjoy, Slainte,


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