Rock of Dunamase, Co Laois – A Childhood Favourite

Rock of Dunamase

I love nothing better than getting into the car with Patrick and the boys, and often Charlie our dog, and heading off with camera in hand for a walk or a hike. And for the past handful of years since we moved from Dublin to Athy, in Co. Kildare, one of the places of choice for an easy hike and stunning views has been – The Rock of Dunamase.

Rock of Dunamase

Growing up in Athy, Co. Kildare, approximately 20 minutes away – I’d visited this ancient landmark many times. And it always thrilled me.

Rock of Dunamase 1

Being able to pass on that excitement to our two boys now, is something special. And the best part is that it’s free, healthy and nourishing for the soul.

Rock of Dunamase 5

About the Rock of Dunamase

The Rock of Dunamase is well signposted so you really can’t go wrong no matter which direction you come from. When you arrive there is a small church at its foot. And the road in front of it has plenty of room to pull in and park your car or bike. The area is clean with no rubbish so it’s important to keep it this way, a note for picnic lovers – Leave no Trace.

Rock of Dunamase 2

Another note for picnic lovers is that it gets pretty blustery up on the rock even if the sun is shining, so a cardi, mac or hoodie wouldn’t go astray.

Rock of Dunamase 3

If you are bringing a dog, bring poop bags, no surprise there.

Rock of Dunamase 4

The day we visited, the day I took these photos, there was a ‘Paddy Wagon’ leaving just as we got to the Rock. Those that were there, were families with old and young members alike.

Rock of Dunamase 6

Climbing to the top doesn’t take long, and it isn’t strenuous. Do stop along the way to take in the beauty of the scenery around, from the farm lands, forests and fields, to the winding roads and beautiful big sky.

Rock of Dunamase 7

Even on overcast or rainy days, it still offers beautiful scenery, and visiting as the seasons change or when they’ve changed offers more food for the eyes.

Rock of Dunamase 8

It’s obvious why the Christian settlement was pillaged by the Vikings and then used by Diarmuid Mac Murrough, King of Leinster as a dowry for his daughter Aoife, for her marriage to Strongbow.

Rock of Dunamase 9

There is much more to the history that is the Rock of Dunamase but you can get a brief gist of it here:

Rock of Dunamase 10

Our visits have ranged from 30 minutes to over and hour. The weather usually plays a big part on how long we stay. That and whether we’ve packed a lunch or not.

Rock of Dunamase 11

Where are your favourite local ruins in Ireland? Share your childhood memories in the comment box below.

Rock of Dunamase 12

Rock of Dunamase 13

Rock of Dunamase 14

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