4 Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Four Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

It’s not uncommon to look at any celebrity walking down the red carpet and be in absolute awe of their full, long and voluminous locks. How do they manage to maintain such beautiful hair, and what can any of us mere mortals do to achieve that same sheen and lustre?

4 Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair - The Life of Stuff

While genetics play a critical role in what type of hair you have, there are a number of other determinant factors which will also affect how you can achieve and maintain healthy hair. Your diet, the weather, pollution in your area as well as your general approach to hair care are all going to have a demonstrable effect on how healthy your hair is. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four tips for maintaining healthy hair.

Maintaining Healthy Hair Tip No. 1 – Know Your Hair Type

The first step to achieving and maintaining healthy hair is knowing what type of hair and texture you have. For example, those with straight and thin hair will need a different type of treatment from those who have thick hair. The types and amount of activities that you do on any given day will also have an impact, as sweating profusely will also affect the way your hair looks and feels. Check out this article by functionofbeauty to get an accurate idea of how to determine your hair type.

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4 Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair - Eat Protein

Maintaining Healthy Hair Tip No. 2 – Eat Lots of Protein

Your hair is made up primarily of protein, so it only makes sense that eating a diet rich in protein is going to contribute to having strong, healthy looking hair. In order to achieve optimal results, you want to make sure that you’re eating about 45 grams of protein per day. It doesn’t really matter where you get this protein from, whether you’re vegan, beegan, pescatarian, vegetarian or flexitarian – just make sure to avoid overly processed foods. Good sources of protein include:

  1. Lean meat such as beef.
  2. Poultry such as turkey.
  3. Fish such as tuna steak.
  4. Nuts such as almonds.
  5. Beans such as boiled Soybeans otherwise known as Edamame.
  6. Dairy products such as cheese
  7. Eggs
  8. Supplementary sources of protein such as whey protein powder

4 Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair - The Right Shampoo

Maintaining Healthy Hair Tip No. 3 – Choose the Right Shampoo

Using the wrong type of shampoo for your hair type can not only not yield results but it can actually cause significant hair damage. Always make sure that products are right for your hair type and target specific problems that you might have. For example, if you have dry hair, make sure you find shampoo that is designed for dry hair. If you have dandruff, make sure you look for an anti-dandruff shampoo. Also, make sure that you opt for well-known brands over generic ones. Hair care products from Kérastase, for example, are known not only for their quality but also the sheer variety of products they have on offer for different hair types.

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4 Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair - Careful How You Wash and Brush

Maintaining Healthy Hair Tip No. 4 – Be Careful How You Wash and Brush

Once you have the tools for maintaining healthy hair, you just need to master the way in which you apply it. Many people tend to shampoo their hair once (or more!) per day, but this is often too much. Experts suggest that you should never wash your hair more than once a day, and when you do, use a sparing amount of product – just enough to cover your hair. On top of that, don’t use excessively hot or cold water. When your hair is wet, treat it gently as its way more prone to breaking at this point. If you have to detangle your hair, use a wide-tooth comb and don’t overdo it.

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4 Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair - The Life of Stuff

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