Travel Smart – 5 Top Travel Tips for First Time Travellers

Travel Tips for Smart Travel

Travelling outside of your home country for the first time can be one of the most rewarding experiences an individual or couple can have. However a great experience can turn into something negative with poor planning or lack of research.

Picking a country that is very amicable to tourists can be a great transition trip. Immersing yourself in local culture can teach you new ways to look at life and appreciate what you have at home. Winging your entire first trip away is not recommended, as even the most seasoned travellers rarely do this. Take on board the following travel tips to help you plan a successful first trip.

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Travel Tips #1 Look Up Entry Rules

Far too many people travel long distances only to find out that their passport expires too soon so they are not allowed in their chosen country. This can extend up to 2 years before your entry date so make sure to look up specific laws by country.

Travel Smart - 5 Top Travel Tips for First Time Travellers - Legal

Travel Tips #2 Certain Crimes Can Disqualify You from Entry

Crimes such as DUI’s can have you rejected at customs in countries. Ireland is just as strict with drinking and driving as most western European countries. If you do have a reckless driving/ DUI and plan on leaving your home country you might need to find an immigration lawyer before you go to ensure you can travel. Seeking out legal professional advice will cost you but it is advisable. Because depending on your criminal history, you might not be admitted into your country of choice at all.

Travel Smart - 5 Top Travel Tips for First Time Travellers - Valuables

Travel Tips #3 Do Not Flash Wealth or Valuables Around

Be realistic about where you are travelling to. Having your valuables stolen can happen anywhere in the world. Not just the most dangerous cities in the world. In some countries when a person steals something valuable it can be an act to feed their family. For others its just an opportunity for a quick buck. Flashing wealth around is not wise regardless of whether you are in the United States or visiting South America.

Take for example jewellery; your new chain from GoldUrban might make you feel super stylish, however it could lead you to be a victim of crime. While you might not be robbed in the traditional sense, someone could gain access to your room to see what else you might have. Take this precaution because the last thing you want is something valuable or sentimental to be stolen due to flaunting it in front of the wrong people.

Travel Smart - 5 Top Travel Tips for First Time Travellers - Activities

Travel Tips #4 Take Time to Plan Activities

The last thing that anyone wants when returning from a trip is wishing they had planned more efficiently to see all of the sights. Take time to write out which activities you want to cover on which days. Getting a timeline of when you want to do things can help you plan your days out to maximise your fun. There are some attractions that are far better than others, so doing some research by reading travel sites and blogs can be very helpful.

Make sure you prioritise your activities when you make an itinerary, as you want to get the big stuff out of the way, and take home an experience, but you want to leave a few things to come back another time to do. Take something like a myrtle beach dolphin cruise as a good example here; it’s a flexible activity, because you’ll see something different every time, so it can be pushed out of the way for a more concrete, one time experience. However, it’s still something you’ll want to note down on your plan!

Leave time to relax daily though. Because being constantly on the run will leave you more tired and less rejuvenated when returning from your trip away. Setting aside some time to adjust to a time change is also important. Especially if travelling overseas with six hours or more time difference from home.

Travel Smart - 5 Top Travel Tips for First Time Travellers - Currency

Travel Tips #5 Understand How Far Your Currency Will Go

Europe is a great example of how far a dollar will go, varying immensely. Bulgaria has a favourable exchange rate while south a few hundred miles in the Greek isles, Santorini is considered one of the more expensive destinations. Travellers can stretch their money further by researching which countries can offer high quality holidays at more reasonable prices. Prague in the Czech Republic is a great example of this. It has some of the cheapest beer on earth with architecture to marvel at. It really depends on what you want to experience.

Traveling can change your life and you might find out that there is a destination that is perfect for you. For your first trip outside of the country, being a detail-oriented planner is an advantage. Go online and do as much research as possible. Because nobody regrets knowing too much about a foreign location when they arrive!

These Travel Tips were written by Tim Baker. Tim is an avid traveller, blogger and freelance writer. Tim contributes to a number of travel and lifestyle blogs, sharing his travel and life experiences.

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