9 of the Best Wine Regions in Australia to Visit

Coast to Coast – 9 of the Best Wine Regions in Australia

Australia has been producing wine for over two centuries, and perfecting it for several decades. The country is packed with world-class wine regions that rival almost anything you could find in France.

To get your juices going here are just ‘9 of the best wine regions in Australia’ you should put on your wine list to visit on your next holiday down under.

And if your favourite isn’t featured – let us know in the comments!

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - Margaret RiverMargaret River Australia Photo by Eloise Shakespeare

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #1

Margaret River, South West Australia

Margaret River is easily one of, if not the most famous wine region in Australia. Famed for its spectacular landscape and views, it is easy to get lost on the winding paths along the river and through the vineyards and orchards.

There are over 90 wineries here, producing everything from Cabernet Sauvignon to Australia’s favourite, Shiraz. No matter who you ask, whether it be a member of Quit Clinics or a stranger on the street, 9/10 times they will tell you that Margaret River is the place for wine lovers.

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - Barossa Valley AustraliaBarossa Valley Photo by Mikael Andreasson

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #2

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Another world-renowned wine region in the country is the Barossa Valley. Known for its incredibly bold Shiraz packed with flavour, Barossa is almost always one of the most popular stops on any wine tour in South Australia.

Barossa Valley is also home to some of the oldest wineries in the world, with the region being almost 200 years old. If you want a visit packed with history, wine, and delicious food to top it all off, then look no further than Barossa.

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The Best Wine Regions in Australia - McLaren Vale Australiad’Arenberg Winery, McLaren Vale Photo by Jiawei Luo

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #3

McLaren Vale, South Australia

The McLaren Vale is often referred to as the birthplace of wine in South Australia. With some of the best ocean views in the country, the salty air and soil mix with the grapes to create delicious and unforgettable wines.

McLaren Valley is also home to one of the most unique cellar door experiences in all of Australia. Found on the d’Arenberg Winery, the d’Arenberg Cube is a five-story high structure built to resemble a Rubik’s Cube.

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - Yarra Valley AustraliaYarra Valley Photo by Neroli Wesley

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #4

Yarra Valley, South Eastern Australia

Found just east of Melbourne, Yarra Valley is the state’s oldest winemaking region. The first grapes were planted in 1838. What sets the Yarra Valley apart from the rest of the country’s wine regions is its winemakers.

Known for pushing the boundaries of growing methods, flavour, and everything in between, the Yarra Valley is the place to be if you want to experience wine with new dimensions, created in a way you have almost definitely not experienced before.

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - Mornington PeninsulaMornington Peninsula Photo by Josh Summerfield

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #5

Mornington Peninsula, South Eastern Australia

If you head south out of Melbourne, you will find yourself in the stunning Mornington Peninsula. With incredible pastures and a coastal town feel that is hard to match, the region is famed for its ultra-sophisticated wines and tastes.

It is also the place to visit an incredible restaurant, such as Pt—Leo Estate, home to single-vineyard, hand-harvested wine. It is the perfect match for any wine or food enthusiast when paired with delicious freshly sourced food.

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The Best Wine Regions in Australia - Hunter ValleyHunter Valley Photo by Jennefer Zacarias

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #6

Hunter Valley, South Eastern Australia

Hunter Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia and is also home to a unique wine: Semillon. This crisp white wine is produced across the area and is easily one of the best wines in Australia.

Hunter Valley is also home to some of the oldest and most well-respected wineries in the country and the world. There is no better way to experience some of these sensational wines than by booking a private tasting with one of the many experts in the area.

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - AdelaideAdelaide Photo by Serena Yu

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #7

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Adelaide Hills, found just under an hour from the city, is blessed with a calm and temperate climate. And its altitude that starts at 300m, rising to 714m. gives the region’s wine a unique and distinct taste that differentiates it from others in the state and the country.

Once you start tasting some of these wines, you will discover a complex flavour pallet with notable and unique notes that will keep you coming back for more.

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - VictoriaVictoria landscape Photo by Matt Boitor

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #8

King Valley, South Eastern Australia

King Valley, Victoria is one of the more unique wine regions in the country, thanks to the vast diversity in its vineyards and its Italian-inspired grapes, wines, and proseccos. The Italian heritage can be felt across the region and most definitely adds to the pleasure of visiting the area.

While prosecco can be found everywhere, there are a few standout wineries, such as Brown Brothers, producing everything from traditional wines, such as Shiraz, to delicious and almost addictive Moscatos.

The Best Wine Regions in Australia - TasmaniaTasmania Landscape Photo by Patrick McGregor

The Best Wine Regions in Australia #9

Tasmania, South of Mainland Australia

The mainland isn’t the only place you can discover and enjoy delicious wines. Tasmania may be small, but it is packed with vineyards thanks to its excellent temperate and growing conditions. The unique conditions help to create some delicious white and sparkling wines that most definitely can’t be missed.

While Tasmania has only recently become a growing and wine-producing region, it has already made a name for itself, creating zesty and aromatic wines that reach the same standards of their counterparts in Barossa or Margaret River.

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As you can see, wine in Australia is not only part of its culture, but it also done at such a high level that it can compete with some of the best in the world. If you are ever in the country or find yourself with a free weekend, a trip to one of these incredible wine regions is well worth the effort.

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