Irish Art: Questions and Answers with Artist Lynda Bremner

Irish Artist – Lynda Bremner

Recalling her childhood – when Lynda wasn’t exploring the places around her family home in Dublin – she could be found playing for hours at a time in her grandparents magical garden. Her family encouraged her inquisitive mind with summers spend at the beach, all around Ireland. And it’s through this family love of spending time outdoors that she feels her imagination grew.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers with Artist Lynda Bremner - Ardanary Brittas
Ardanary Brittas by Lynda Bremner

‘I always loved collecting things, conkers or leaves, bits of shells, sea glass and bits of driftwood’, and her love for collecting nature’s treasures never stopped. Nowadays her collections include all of the above, however they often take second place to the many photographs she has taken of the surrounding countryside when walking her dog Willow. Lynda loves exploring her home of 12 years in County Wicklow. And it’s true to say that it offers her some of the best Ireland has to offer when it comes to nature’s natural treasures –

I love how it sits between the sea and the mountains. I have favourite places; Brittas Bay, Broadlough and Magheramore all very close by.’

It’s my pleasure to feature Lynda Bremner – mother, creative designer and Irish Artist on The Life of Stuff Irish Artist Q&A Series.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers with Artist Lynda Bremner
Lynda Bremner

Q&A’s with Irish Artist Lynda Bremner

1. What was your inspiration to become an Artist?

As a child growing up I was always encouraged to be creative. My Granddad was incredibly imaginative, my Mum was just like him and this influenced me hugely. I studied graphics in IADT, and was always a little envious of the fine art students. I’ve had my own graphic design business for nearly 20 years and yet always felt there was something more I wanted to explore. Three years ago I attended a weekend painting workshop in the Schoolhouse for Art in Enniskerry. Having not painted before I left with the biggest smile on my face. That was the start!

Irish Art - Questions and Answers with Artist Lynda Bremner - Murrough
Murrough by Lynda Bremner

2. How did you officially become an artist?

After painting for a year, I had my first solo show ‘A Year of Painting’ back in the Schoolhouse for Art in 2017. It was as much a celebration of finding something I truly love as it was a way to thank people who had encouraged me along the way. I was quite overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers with Artist Lynda Bremner - Brittas
Brittas by Lynda Bremner

3. Where do you take creative inspiration from for your work?

Lots of places really. My children, and the innate creativity they have without inhibition. Other artists, what other creative people do will always keep a lid on any sense of importance! I find it interesting to see how other artists evolve and progress their work.

I attend life drawing once a week. It’s a great way to keep my eye in tune, and a couple of times a year I try and do a masterclass or art workshop.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers with Artist Lynda Bremner - Drumdangan Rapeseed
Drumdangan Rapeseed by Lynda Bremner

Ultimately though I have a love of outdoors, I always have. Being immersed in nature has been part of my life since childhood, family walks, making nature tables and playing outside. As an adult I find it has a huge positive influence on my mental health too. I love discovering new places to explore. Equally I have favorite places I return to; Brittas Bay in Wicklow and Derrynane in Kerry are very special. I am drawn hugely to water and to big skies.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers - Portrait
Portrait by Lynda Bremner

4. What’s the wackiest request you’ve had to date for commission work?

No mad commissions. One commission that stands out for me was for a friend. He had reached a very significant moment in his life, he always knew he was adopted and was taking time to trace his birth mother and the story of his birth. I felt incredibly honoured to weave this story into his portrait.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers - Day Return 01
Day Return 01 by Lynda Bremner

5. Where would you love to exhibit your work – the dream?

To be honest, I don’t think I have a dream place to exhibit. Bringing a collection of your work together to share anywhere, is very grounding. It’s incredibly humbling when someone admires and appreciates your work. It can be quite emotional! I feel art should be as accessible to people as possible. My work is unassuming, it’s of everyday places, painted with integrity. I’d like to think it would be seen by everyday people and not just people who might attend a gallery.

I get huge satisfaction when someone tells me where they have hung their painting.

Irish Art - Questions and Answers - Day Return 02
Day Return 02 by Lynda Bremner

6. What are you working on now? Any exhibitions coming up?

I have my second solo exhibition this bank holiday weekend. It represents two years of work, with 40 landscape paintings. Many of the paintings are from my time spent in Cill Rialaig art residency in Kerry.

The show is called ‘Return Journey’, and part of it features a series of small landscapes painted on old railway tickets. For me they are about returning to places in my mind, memories of journeys.

Return Journey opens Friday 25th October at 8pm in the Schoolhouse for Art, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. From 26th-28th October 26th it opens each day from 11am – 4pm.


For more of Lynda’s works of art, to purchase, enquire about commissioning a piece, or for exhibition news – visit

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