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WeirdWatercolours Creators Audrey & Abi

Originally from Waterford and Dublin, Abigail Denniston and Audrey Gleeson, moved separately in creative circles until March 2020.

Irish Design - Q&As with Creators Audrey & Abi - Cheesus Mary and Jo-sieve

Abigail’s background is in photography, having completed a London Metropolitan University accredited MA in 2014. Audrey’s background is in marketing and visual communication – a BSc Marketing graduate, she’s currently in her third year at TU Dublin studying for a BA in Design – Visual Communication. In actual fact Audrey’s decision to return to the visual arts came after she attended BIMM Bristol to achieve a Professional Diploma in Songwriting in 2016.

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Both Abigail and Audrey’s artistic paths changed in March 2020 when they reunited after six years. Romantically and creatively, they spent lockdown together. And during the unsettling times that swept the nation they put their heads together in an attempt to lift spirits. They used the social media platform Instagram to share doodles and broadcast live painting sessions. Very soon followers were making requests for paid commissions and in those moments WeirdWatercolours was born.

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We are delighted to feature WeirdWatercolours creators Abigail and Audrey here on The Life of Stuff Irish Design Q&A Series and hope you enjoy getting to know their beautifully weird and wonderful creations.

Irish Design - Q&As with Creators Audrey and Abi

Q&As with WeirdWatercolours Creators Abigail and Audrey

  1. What was your inspiration to become Greeting Card Artists and Designers?

During lockdown we both took great pride in being able to make people laugh through simple artistic expression. We thought about different ways we could share our art and being stuck inside during a global pandemic emphasised the importance of heartfelt, sincere communication. We both feel that receiving a handwritten card has a deeper sentiment than a text message. This was most definitely our inspiration for starting to create cards.

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  1. What’s your Art & Design background?

Audrey and myself have degrees in Marketing and History of Art. We have both moved in creative circles in Dublin and abroad. I have most recently returned home from Seattle, Washington where I was consulting for a glass blowing company, Glass Eye Studio. I managed the set up of a photography studio that specializes in shooting glass from table ware to ornaments to bespoke pieces. Audrey has most recently completed an Illustration & Design course in Stillorgan College and is now entering her third year in Design – Visual Communication in TU Dublin.

Irish Design - Q&As with Creators Audrey & Abi - New Knockers

  1. Where do you take creative inspiration from for your work?

Originally while building inspiration to create the voice that is now WeirdWatercolours we started playing with puns and focused very much on Irish humour and eventually meme culture slipped into the mix. We wanted to appeal to a wider audience and to include a younger generation of people who may not have been interested in sending greeting cards in the past.

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  1. What’s the wackiest request you’ve had to date for commission work?

We often get weird requests and very much embrace the term. The requests become even more enjoyable when a customer provides a backstory. Our wackiest request to date is from a customer in the States. They requested a portrait of Martha Stewart looking calm and serene with her television smile holding a large tranquiliser gun in one hand and a set of pink feather tipped darts in the other. Unfortunately we were not provided with the backstory but we do have the best imaginations.

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  1. As well as creating Greeting Cards, you also specialise in ‘WeirdWatercolours’ Prints and Wedding Invites! With so many pop culture references within your work – Can you see yourself exhibiting? 

We have not even thought about this – maybe ask again in a few years time. Startups are stressful!

  1. What one piece of advice would you give yourself if you could travel back in time to when you started WeirdWatercolours?

We believe that every mistake or bad decision we have made has helped us along the way.

7. What are you working on now?

We are currently working on the launch of The Karender 2022. A desktop calendar featuring angry chihuahuas with Karen style wigs quoting widely recognised Karen statements. We recently read a Forbes article that involved a humorous study into the prevalence of ‘Karen’s’ all around the globe. A company called Bionic discovered that the Karen phenomenon is a real thing and Karen’s rank in the top ten names for people who complain the most. We used this as inspiration for our brand new product which is available to pre order from our website now.

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