KARMA Jewellery Workshop with Breast Cancer Ireland

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Followers on The Life of Stuff Instagram will recognise some of these photo’s from a couple of weeks ago. They were taken at the KARMA Jewellery Workshop with Breast Cancer Ireland in Ely Wine Bar in Dublin. It was a great night, filled with chilled wine, delicious food, an informative talk, an inspirational speaker and of course lots of KARMA jewellery making. 

Not only do I love KARMA jewellery style-wise (and that it is Made in Ireland) but I really love their ethos. You see for every product KARMA sell, they give 10% to charity. Over the past year KARMA has raised £30,000 and supported charities such as Temple Street Children’s Hospital, AWARE, The Alzheimer Society and MS Ireland. This is a huge deal to these charities who often face cuts and are in dire need of support. MS Ireland put it simply that ‘The work the MS Team does cannot continue without being supported and rewarded.’

This summer one of the charities on the KARMA Jewellery list is Breast Cancer Ireland (the title of this post gave it away didn’t it) … another very worthy charity who are doing their utmost to support breast cancer research, education and awareness. 

KARMA Jewellery Workshop with Breast Cancer Ireland

The night kicked off in style with a large glass of wine and very welcoming cheese and cold meats platters. We all had a mingle, introducing ourselves and learning a little more about KARMA as we did. 

Next up was Aisling Hurley who shared her passion for research and her yearning for awareness through her interesting and informative talk. Breast Cancer Ireland‘s vision is to ‘transform breast cancer from a fatal disease to a treatable illness longterm.’ Aisling was followed by Teresa Costello who not only inspired with her own hands-on experience with cancer but is the Founder of Breast Friends on Facebook and is the Breast Cancer Ireland Patient Ambassador. Did you know that only 5-10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary? I didn’t, but I do now. Check your breasts folks!

Following the talks, it was down to jewellery making business. We were guided by the KARMA team including, Margaux, Sarah and Jolene, and were encouraged to let our creative alter ego’s run riot. We had silver and gold wiring as well as a host of pretty beads to choose from. To put the KARMA stamp on them we were also supplied with little clover pendents that were marked with the very special ‘Made in Ireland’ stamp. 

All that KARMA jewellery making … works up a hunger and a thirst but the KARMA and Ely Wine Bar crews had it all under control as we were treated to tasty burgers and mouth-watering fish with crispy chips … Nom.

KARMA Jewellery Workshop with Breast Cancer Ireland

Soon it was time for me to go and I went home a very happy lady … how could I not be happy – fed, watered, kitted out in my own jewellery creations and there was a goodie bag too … 

I’ve worn my KARMA bracelets most days since that workshop. I love the style. They look great stacked. Mix and match colours and a little bling to brighten my day. Perfect. I’m looking forward to going shopping for more to add to my collection – Remember one bangle = one good deed!

KARMA – website | Facebook | Twitter

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