New Irish Music – Ape Rising, King Of The Universe

Ape Rising – King Of The Universe

When Johno from Ape Rising got in contact a little while ago to let me know that he and most of the band formally known as RadioActive Grandma are releasing new music I was all ears, so to speak.

The last time I featured music by Johno was March last year when he collaborated on an album by Juggling Wolves. The last time I featured music by RadioActive Grandma on the blog was 2013!

New Irish Music - Ape Rising, King Of The Universe

“We’re called Ape Rising now because we moved up to a 5 piece and a porn site took our band domain” (Johno 2016)

Reading Johno’s email as to why RadioActive Grandma’s name changed gave me the chuckle and the inclination to know more. 

Here’s what else he had to say:

Ape Rising is a beast borne of devilish synth, explosive drums, murderous guitar and creamy harmony, made up of 5 very likely lads from the east of the Irish subcontinent (Johno Leader, Peter Donohue, Peter Denton, Fran McDonnell & Jimmy Deface)

The band came together in mid 2015 when the head and torso (Johno & P. Donohue) of popular energetic acoustic act The Radioactive Grandma required new arms and legs, and so 3 new lads entered the lineup in the guise of Bass (Jimmy), Synth (P.Denton) & Drums (Fran).

“Melodic, video game & science inspired rock/prog” say the experts. “Rocky dance rock that’s made for dancing” say the bigwigs over at print media incorporated. “That’s pure sween lad” says the man on the street.

Ape Rising’s debut single “King of the Universe” which was recorded in-house by frontman Johno Leader and is inspired by a daydream about CMDR. Chris Hadfield watching the end of the world from the ISS, will go on general release on Aug 26th to coincide with the launch show at The Workmans Club

New Irish Music - Ape Rising, King Of The Universe

King Of The Universe is being released for online sale from August 26th to coincide with a launch gig at The Workman’s Club in Dublin.

The debut video for King of the Universe was released on August 11th. You can view it here:

For more on Ape Rising and to connect with them, visit their Website | Facebook | Twitter

If you’d like to check them out live, there’s no better place to do it than at their official King of the Universe Launch in the Workman’s Club this Friday August 26th at 9pm. Tickets are €8 online / €10 on the door AND will include a Free Single Download Code with every entry.

Supporting Rising Ape on the night will be Travis Oaks, Megacone and Griffo from New Secret Weapon. 

To purchase tickets online click through to The Workman’s Club here.

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