6 Office Security Upgrades Worth Making – Business 101

Business 101 for SME And Small Businesses – 6 Office Security Upgrades Worth Making

6 Office Security Upgrades Worth Making - Business 101 - The Life of StuffOffices typically contain all kinds of equipment and data that can be valuable. This makes them a common target for burglars and cybercriminals. Security is therefore something every business should prioritise.

Just what are some of the best ways to secure your office? This short guide lists six security upgrades that could be worth making.

Office Security Upgrades Worth Making #1

Wear ID Badges

Some offices only allow people to enter if they have an ID badge. In offices with lots of employees and visitors, this can help to distinguish who is authorised to be in the building and who isn’t. ID badges can be created at a front desk and given to all visitors that have passed your check-in criteria. This includes employees, clients, suppliers, tradesmen, cleaners and job interview candidates.

6 Office Security Upgrades Worth Making - Business 101 - Strong Passwords

Office Security Upgrades Worth Making #2

Use Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are still the best defence against hackers when it comes to protecting your digital data. This includes passwords on accounts, passwords to devices and codes on alarms and doors. Avoid obvious short passwords. They may be more memorable, but there’s more chance of them being successfully guessed. Totally random jumbles of numbers and letters are always a better option. You can find guides to create strong passwords online, however three simple rules to follow are:

  1. Make them long.
  2. Make them random.
  3. Make them unique.

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Office Security Upgrades Worth Making #3

Improve Your Locks

If your doors have old or worn locks, these could be easily broken into by an experienced burglar. Consider hiring commercial locksmiths to upgrade your locks to something newer and more robust. Digital locks are one alternative you could look into. Alternatively, you could consider multi-lock systems.

Office Security Upgrades Worth Making #4

Switch to a Smart Alarm

Traditional burglar alarms are designed to scare off burglars by making a loud noise that attracts attention of people nearby. But such alarms aren’t always enough and can sometimes go ignored in industrial areas that are fairly quiet at night. Smart alarms can trigger an alert on your phone whenever they are activated so that you know when your alarm has been triggered. This can allow you to take action as soon as possible if there is a break-in.

6 Office Security Upgrades Worth Making - Business 101 - CCTV

Office Security Upgrades Worth Making #5

Set up CCTV

Cameras can help to capture footage of crimes taking place in and around your commercial property. They can not just capture evidence, but also serve as a deterrent in many cases. Placing cameras outside your property facing doors and windows can help you to ward off burglars.

However, you may also want to place cameras inside to protect against potential insider threats. Some security camera footage can be viewed through an app on your phone. This means that you always have access to this footage wherever you are in the world.

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Office Security Upgrades Worth Making #6

Install Exterior Lighting

Burglars tend to target buildings at night – and most of the buildings they target don’t have any lighting outside. This makes it easier for them to break in undetected. By installing some lighting around the exterior of your property, you could put off potential burglars by making it harder to break into your office unseen. The most popular type of lighting is motion detecting lighting – this only turns on when people are around, which can save you money on energy compared to lighting that is permanently on at night.

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