Swan’s Sunflower Farm in Carlow – Savour the Sweetness

Swan’s Sunflower Farm, Ballyvergal, Carlow

Swan’s Sunflower Farm in Ballyvergal just outside Carlow Town, is a 20 acre field of sunflowers with a kilometre path running through it. Grown by the Swan family to help improve their soil but also boost biodiversity and the insect population, this glorious sunflower field is open to the public each day for the month of August, with admission including the opportunity to pick a bunch, or indeed a bouquet of sunflowers to bring home.

Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - Swallows flying above sunflower field

  • Swan’s Sunflower Farm Location: Google Maps
  • Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (last entry 6.30pm)
  • Admission Fee: €5 per person, €15 per family (2 adults x 3 children)
  • Drinks and Snacks: Get Stuffed Food Truck
  • Connect to Swan’s Sunflower Farm: via Facebook | Instagram

Swan’s Sunflower Farm – Our Experience in Photos

The last time Patrick and I witnessed such an abundance of sunflowers was on our honeymoon as we drove through the South of France. And as I write this, the sunflowers we picked on our recent visit to Swan’s Sunflower Farm, that now brighten and enliven a vase on my dining table, remind me of Van Gogh’s paintings of Sunflowers, which were also painted in the south of France, Arles to be precise.

Did you know that Van Gogh only used three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’ to paint these famous flowers? And that his sunflower paintings signified gratitude?

Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - Boys walking amongst sunflowers

Well having visited Swan’s Sunflower Farm in Carlow – I too felt gratitude. Gratitude for the beauty of nature, for the blue sky that chased away the grey, for the bees who happily buzzed, and the butterflies who elegantly flittered, here and there. For the ladybirds and bugs, and the sparrows soaring above, eyes peeled for their next snack.

Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - Smith with a sunflower

Swan’s Sunflower Farm – Visiting Top Tips

  1. Bring scissors – we didn’t and Patrick had to use his man hands to break the stalks. 5-6 feet sunflowers have strong stalks.

  2. If your littles are natural explorers and adventurers, like our two, dress them in bright clothes so you can spot them easily amongst the flowers – ours didn’t, in fact Cassidy was wearing camouflage, not a great idea, but thankfully they didn’t stray too far from our helicopter parenting.

    Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - Cassidy on path

  3. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear and take your time exploring – the path is wide enough for safe distancing and strolling.

  4. Keep your eyes peeled for bees, butterflies and bugs – watching them in action brings joy.

    Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - Dog in sunflower field

  5. Swan’s Sunflower Farm is dog friendly – best keep them on a leash though.

    Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - Smith & Cassidy and a bale of hay

  6. Bales of hay are for climbing – it’s rule 101 for children.

    Swan's Sunflower Farm Carlow - 20 acres of sunflowers - 1km walk

  7. Enjoy your hand-picked sunflowers at home – trim the stalks to fit your vase, trim away excess leaves …

    … place in water and in a prominent place in your home to remind you of gratitude.

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