Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK – Part 2

Part 2 of Our Travel Snapshot

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

Whether you’re exploring your own country or have itchy feet for adventure further afield there’s no wonder why a weekend break in Ireland and the UK are at the top of many travel lists. There’s so much to love about Ireland and the United Kingdom, from the history to the people, sights, and natural beauty, you’ll spot some similarities but lots of uniqueness. Ireland and the UK offer some amazing destinations for travellers who want to see a bit of, and the best of, everything.

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Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

Choose Dublin, Ireland for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

Dublin is one of the most popular cities in Ireland – and for a good reason. This vibrant city is a must-see on any trip to Ireland, and it’s also one of the best places to explore. It has so many cultural experiences on offer, from live music venues to comedy clubs, art galleries to craft markets, a fantastic food scene that ranges from award-winning food trucks to michelin starred dining. And it’s also very accessible. It’s easy to get around on foot, and with a little know-how on public transport too.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Part 2 - St Patrick's Cathedral Dublin

St Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin by Rubina Ajdary

When to Visit: The best weather time to visit Dublin is April to October. The longer days, and finer weather begins in April, the heat arrives during the summer months but the early autumn days of September and October can also be great weather days for exploring.

What to See & Do: There is so much you can explore, including the city’s unique architecture – Georgian Dublin is a must visit. And within the city’s ancient buildings you can grow your knowledge of Irish and Gaelic culture, and Irish and Ancient Irish history and heritage.

And outside of the city and into county Dublin – you can also enjoy some beautiful natural landscapes and seascapes along the coast. Go walking or hiking in the Dublin mountains, try out sea-swimming or take a boat trip around the bay.

There’s a lot to love about Dublin, and you’ll want to explore everything this vibrant city has to offer on your trip to Ireland. This article ‘70 Things to do in Dublin this Summer‘ can help get you started.

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Choose Galway, Ireland for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

Galway is full of culture and history, and it’s also a great place to relax and unwind.

When to Visit: Like Dublin the best times of year to visit for ‘better weather’ is between the months of April and October. There’ll be ‘a grand stretch in the evening’ from April onwards, and although rain is always on the cards, it’s less so during these months. The warmest months are summer months, so June, July and August.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Part 2 - Galway City

Galway City Streets by Stephanie Guarini

What to See & Do: Explore Galway Harbour, and wander the streets to the beat of buskers playing live music. Soak up the region’s natural beauty and relax in the villages that dot the countryside – Connemara is an absolute must. And if you can, get a ferry out to the beautiful Aran Islands.

There’s a lot to love about this region of Ireland, and you can easily explore it on your own, with family, or with a group of friends. Whichever way you choose, Galway is one of the best places to stay if you wish to visit Ireland, and well deserved of a place on this ‘a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK’ guide.

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Choose Loch Ness, Scotland for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

This stunning body of water is allegedly the home of the world’s most famous mythical creature, the Loch Ness Monster. This creature has been a source of fascination and debate for centuries, but even if it doesn’t exist, there’s a lot more to love about this area than just one creature!

When to Visit:  The best weather time to visit Inverness is between April and August. The warmest months are usually July and August and the coldest December, January and February.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Part 2 - Loch Ness

Loch Ness by Diego Allen

What to See & Do: To learn more about Nessie visit the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition. The award-winning exhibition was opened by explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and it ‘takes visitors through seven themed areas exploring Loch Ness from its beginnings to the third millennium.’

After you’ve learnt all you can about the monster, explore all that Inverness has to offer which includes charming small towns, waterfalls and waterfronts, and some fantastic natural landscapes.

Choose the Western Isles, Scotland for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

The Western Isles or Outer Hebrides is a perfect destination for those who enjoy exploring nature, think hill walking or surfing, and learning about Gaelic culture – if you’ve been to Ireland you’ll see the cultural similarities such as traditional music, gaelic language and traditional crafts. And they’re also a great place to relax and unwind, especially if you’ve come from exploring bustling cities.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Oban, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Oban by Abhishek Banik

When to Visit: Along with a cultural connection, the Outer Hebrides also share similar weather days. And so the best time to visit is usually from April to September when the days are longer and warmer, with the sunniest days in May, the highest temperatures in June and the coldest days in December.

What to See & Do: Did you know? … there are hundreds of islands in the Outer Hebrides but the main six are the Isle of Lewis, the Isle of Harris, the Isle of North Uist, the Isle of South Uist, the Isle of Benbecula and the Isle of Barra.

The Outer Hebrides or Western Isles, as they are alternatively known, are situated on the extreme North West of Scotland. The Hebrides are known as the “long island” as they stretch for over a 100 miles. The islands are steeped in history and culture, ranging back thousands of years.’


Whether you’re staying on a quiet island or travelling all around the Outer Hebrides, there are plenty of options for thrill-seeking or relaxing in the natural beauty of Scotland’s Atlantic Islands. Of course, you don’t have to stay in one place, instead you can travel around and visit different towns on these islands, from the bustling town of Stornoway, the third largest island town in Scotland – to the resort town of Oban, the ‘seafood capital of Scotland! You’ll find that the Western Isles are perfect for exploring and would make a great addition to your trip.

Choose London, England for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

When you think of England, you probably think of London. This city is a major tourist destination, and it’s the perfect place to start your travels around the UK. You should allow yourself plenty of time to explore the city during your trip, as you don’t want to miss any significant locations.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Notting Hill Gate Station London, UK

Notting Hill, London by Avendesa

When to Visit: London is busy all year round but the best months to visit are from May through to September when the heat is up and the rain is down. July and August will be the busiest time to visit so keep that in mind when it comes to making plans.

What to See & Do: There are so many things to see and do in London. And as an aid to help you discover what it has to offer, there are numerous styles of tours you can take from hop-on, hop-off bus tours to walking tours. Or you can get a map on your phone an explore on your own!

Explore the city’s history, architecture, and culture. You can visit Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the London Eye; you can enjoy the many famous parks and renowned city gardens, as well as exploring the city’s waterways.

When it comes to dining out and entertainment, London offers something for everyone. Local cafés to award-winning restaurants, every cuisine you can think of. And for entertainment there are pubs, clubs, theatres, exhibitions, and theme parks – for the little explorers in your life. With so many different ways to explore London, you’ll always find something new to love about your visit.

Choose The Cotswolds, England for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

When to Visit: The Cotswolds have great weather days and for longer periods of time too. From March the weather begins to heat up a little and the summer months of May through to August are warm and sunny. There’s always a chance of rain but usually it’s minimal during April, May and July.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, Cotswold

Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, Cotswold by Benjamin Elliott

Things to See & Do: If you love small, charming towns and natural landscapes, then the Cotswolds is where you want to be. This part of England, rural south-central, is a popular destination, and for a good reason – it’s picturesque and unique, and full of and it’s also easy to get to if you’re driving, If you’re not driving then with a little planning

It might be a little far from London and the cities on the west coast, but if you like to explore, it’s a perfect destination. You can explore England’s countryside without having to worry about crowded bus or train stations, and you can also enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside without having to deal with hordes of tourists.

Choose Devon and Cornwall, England for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK

When to Visit: May to October have the warmest weather days, and less rainy days. The warmest weather days can be found in July and the coldest are in December. Cornwall has an oceanic climate, which means it has cool, mild winters but does not have hot, dry summers.

Where to Go for a Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK - Mevagissey, Cornwall

Mevagissey, Cornwall by Zeb Zakovics

Things to See & Do: Devon and Cornwall are two regions that take their place among the most beautiful parts of England, You can explore the coastline, enjoy the beauty of the countryside, and take advantage of the amazing natural landscapes that make these two regions some of the best in the country.

There’s a reason these two regions are so popular – they’re beautiful, and they’re also very accessible. There are also many lovely overnight stay options, especially in Devon, some of which you can see on www.parkholidays.com. If you want to see the best of England without having to deal with busy cities, crowded beaches, and busy streets, then Devon and Cornwall are perfect for you.

And if you’re not tempted to learn more then also add; the English and Cornish Riviera, the Jurassic Coast, National Parks, The Eden Project, beaches, coves and castles to the list of things to see and do in Devon and Cornwall.

The cities, towns and areas listed are only a taste of the many places you can visit on your ‘Weekend Break in Ireland and the UK’. Whether you’re island-hopping or road-tripping. Rich in history, natural beauty, and culture, you’re bound to find a place you’ll want to return to again and again. And as you get more familiar, you’ll want to experience more about the place and move away from the better known tracks and get off the beaten path. So even more adventure ahead!

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