youbloom Dublin is back! Rock n Roll 2014

youbloom Dublin – June 13th, 14th and 15th 2014

youbloom Dublin 2014

After last years successful and first youbloom in Dublin – read a little about it here … the music and the vision is back and waiting to blast you away with its poetic lyrics, musical beats and guitar frenzy as a host of some of the best live venues in Dublin open their doors and let you in to witness a shit load of brilliant bands, some of which you will recognise from mainstream media and some who are preparing themselves to be welcomed into your musical soul forever.


I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you I knew of every band on this three-day gig listing. I’d actually be surprised to meet someone who does, not shocked, just surprised. Now I know that for some of you the idea of committing yourself to go see bands you aren’t familiar with is a scary situation to get yourself into and to you I say this … I am not judging you, but get out and get a life, get out and stay out and listen to something you’ve never heard before because it may awaken you and this fear of the unknown may actually bloom into something great (see how I worded that … very clever if I don’t say so myself).

Anyhoo rant over … there are so many great bands and singer/songwriters to choose from over the weekend and in some cases it will be hard to choose between … Not to label these bands but … Alternative Rock lovers will love Punch Face Champions (I know I want to hear more), Alternative Folk lovers will love The Young Folk (whom by the way I’ve seen a couple of times and they won’t disappoint), Indie Rock lovers will tear each others beards off for the brilliant Ham Sandwich, Indie Pop lovers will love I’m Your Vinyl, Pop Rock lovers will want to know more about The Curious Incident, Country Dirt or so The Hot Sprockets like to call it is also another gig you should add to your now growing list and may become one of those ‘choose between’ moments I mentioned earlier and finally Singer/Songwriter adorers will swoon to the likes of Samuel Vas-Y. There are tons more bands that deserve a mention but for the full information you might as well get it from the horse’s mouth by visiting the youbloom Gig Schedule here

Ticket prices to the conference on June 14th is €20.00 but Entry is FREE to all gigs! If you are in Dublin or visiting Dublin add youbloom to your playlist now!

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