Fashion Fix – 3 Ways To Shop For Affordable Fashion Online

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Clothes Shopping – Affordable Fashion Online

We all like to be able to shop for new clothes, when and wherever we fancy. And with fashion trends changing so quickly, it’s great to have the ability to shop online, saving us time trekking around the shops. However, the reality isn’t always quite so simple. Clothes often cost more money than we can afford. And shopping online can take just as much time when comparing prices and trying to work out the best options. So, here are three ways to shop for affordable fashion online:

Fashion Fix - 3 Ways To Shop For Affordable Fashion Online - Discounts

Checking for sales and discounts

This seems like such an obvious and easy thing to do. But it can be time consuming and it’s easy to miss out on a bargain. Signing up to the newsletters of your favourite brands and stores will often give you a heads up on sales, with previews and extra discounts if you’re lucky. But if you’re not keen on clogging up your email with endless newsletters and marketing spam, then you could use websites such as the MoneySavingExpert to track when online sales are happening.

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Fashion Fix - 3 Ways To Shop For Affordable Fashion Online - Credit Options

Taking out credit options

Another way to make clothes shopping affordable is to spread the cost. Many outlets are now offering credit options, so you can pay the cost back in monthly instalments. This usually involves setting up an account with the company you’re buying from, but sometimes they’ll use a third party such as Klarna. Credit options do vary, some are interest-free which means you’re not paying more overall, and no credit check catalogues, who will allow you to shop even if you have a poor credit score. However, any credit accounts should be opened with caution and it’s always best to read the small print.

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Fashion Fix - 3 Ways To Shop For Affordable Fashion Online - Vintage or preloved

Using vintage and preloved websites

If you’re a fan of vintage and preloved clothing, then online shopping can open up a whole new avenue for bagging a retro classic or finding a designer item for less. Companies such as Beyond Retro offer a range of affordable vintage clothes, from 1960s dresses to 1990s sportswear. But that’s not the only place to find reasonably priced, preloved clothing. Websites such as eBay and Etsy are awash with vintage finds, and specific marketplace apps such as Depop can be a goldmine. And don’t forget social media too. Facebook marketplace and Instagram can be useful shopping resources.

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