4 Things To Consider Before Bringing A Dog Into Your Home

Bringing A Dog Into Your Home

If you’re planning on having a family discussion about bringing a dog into your home – you need to ensure you are making the right, and best decision for everyone under your roof, including the potential pet.

Bringing a pet into your home is a very important decision and we hope these ‘four things to consider before bringing a dog into your home’ will help you make the right one.

Four Things To Consider Before Bringing A Dog Into Your Home

The Breed

First of all, you should do some research on the many different breeds of dog there are. Different dogs have different temperaments and traits, and the last thing you want is to get a dog that isn’t suited to his new home. For example some dogs are highly energetic and need to be walked a number of times a day. Some are placid, others are known for being temperamental.

4 Things To Consider Before Bringing A Dog Into Your Home - Breed

If you have children to think about then it’s even more important to research what breed of dog has the best chance of becoming part of your family. Do you have other pets your new dog will need to get along with? What kind of environment are you offering your new dog? Do you have a small apartment in the city or a big house in the countryside, or the opposite way around? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before bringing a dog into your home.

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Adopt Don’t Shop

Some people buy their dogs and we’re not here to lecture you on why you shouldn’t. However we don’t support buying, and Peta’s Top 10 Reasons to never buy a puppy are some of our top reasons too. Instead we recommend you ‘adopt don’t shop’ – so our first step to recommend you take a look around animal shelters or rehoming centres.

There are so many loving dogs and puppies available in shelters and pounds worldwide seeking forever homes. Take a trip to all the ones in your area. You can even look online as many rehoming centres list the dogs they have, and give details such as their temperament and personality for you to think about and consider before you visit.

Rehoming shelters and centres are usually quite thorough when it comes to matching a dog with its new owner and will do a home visit before they hand over your new best friend.

4 Things To Consider Before Bringing A Dog Into Your Home - Rehoming

Older dogs can sometimes be more unpredictable so if new owners have young children this will also be taken into consideration. However, if you go along in person to meet your new dog and form a loving connection then there’ll be no denying that you might have found your new companion.


Your dog will need a whole host of accessories and food to go with them after you pay out the initial cost for him. Shelters usually have a standard fee – this fee covers the cost of housing all the dogs, food, vaccinations and vet bills.

Additional costs for your pooch, you need to need to consider include pet insurance, which is available depending on the age of the dog. This helps you with any excess bills that may arise from vet bills should your dog have medical problems or an accident.

Your dog will also need a comfortable harness, lead, chew toys, and of course a comfy bed to sleep on. And there are numerous styles of bed to choose from. From beds with legs, to ones that cocoon your dog, Buddalife have dog beds made out of the highest quality memory foam and they state they’re built to last.

But whether you find a bed to last, or find a bed chewed to the last – there’s a definite that no matter what bed you buy them, they will still want to make your lap a bed from time to time

4 Things To Consider Before Bringing A Dog Into Your Home - Time


Finally, one last thing you need to make sure you have enough of, before bringing a dog into your home, is time. You don’t want to get a pet to then leave them all day and night due to work or life commitments, this isn’t fair.

Someone has to be at home the majority of the time, not only to keep an eye on the dog but to also pay it much needed attention. There are breeds however that will sleep most of the day so if you are out for long periods maybe this is the dog for you.

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