Bevvy of the Week – Franciscan Well Jameson Stout and Launch Party at W.J. Kavanagh’s, Dorset Street, Dublin

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is a little bit different than some of Patrick’s previous posts. Why? Because I’m involved …

Franciscan Well Stout Aged in Jameson Whiskey Casks


Franciscan Well Stout

Last night Edwina and I were lucky enough to attend the launch of a new stout called Franciscan Well.

Franciscan Well Jameson Stout is a stout aged in Jameson Whiskey casks. The presentation for this new product is very eye catching. It’s a tall one litre size bottle with very distinctive lettering and a cool swing top lid to top it all off. The whole idea behind the size of the bottle is to encourage people to buy a bottle of Franciscan Well Jameson Stout with their meal instead of wine to share with friends and as J.W. Kavanagh on Dorset St who hosted the launch proved last night you can pair this brew up with a nice beef dinner, oysters and plenty more dishes. Ok back to the stout.

Franciscan Well Jameson Stout is a black stout with a nice cappuccino coloured head. The brewer highlighted that he did not want the stout nor the Jameson Whiskey to be the front runner in this drink, he wanted them to be evenly paired. A lot of time and effort has been put into creating this special drink and it take about 100 day for Franciscan Well to be ready compared to around 14 days for other stouts.

On the nose you get aromas of coffee, nuts, coco and there’s even a little spice in there as well. This all follows through onto the palate with that nice warm Jameson character as it goes down.

So if you see Franciscan Well Jameson Stout around I’d advise you to pick up a few bottles as its gonna go fast!

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The Franciscan Well Stout Launch Party at W.J. Kavanagh’s, Dorset Street, Dublin


When Patrick and I received our invite to the Franciscan Well Jameson Stout Launch Party, I made a little squeaky noise of delight. Stout, Whiskey and Great Food … count me in! The prospects of trying a new Irish Stout that has been aged in the casks of one of my favourite whiskeys and being fed by the crew at W. J. Kavanagh’s on Dorset Street, sure why wouldn’t I make strange squeaking noises … I was delighted and with those two things in the line-up … sure where would you be going on a Monday night … or any other night mind you!

I have to admit that before last night I hadn’t set foot in W. J. Kavanagh’s, I do however know their sister pub, L. Mulligan Grocer of Stoneybatter – The Eating and Drinking Emporium so I knew we were going to be in for a treat. As soon as we stepped in the door we were greeted by a welcome drink of Jameson Select Reserve, Housemade Ginger Beer, Grapefruit Juice, Grapefruit & Oak Smoked Sea Salt … Fantastic. It was a cold refreshing drink with a little bit of warmth, if that makes sense. As guests started to arrive and so did the starters … Well slap my thigh and call me … whatever! Just don’t ever call me late if those starters are going round! Organic Black Pudding Wontons, Apple Cider & Soy Dipping Sauce … Housemade Beetroot Pesto, Fivelmiletown Goat’s Cheese, Garlic Croutes, Rocket Cress … Housemade Free Range Bacon Jam, Vanilla Infused Sugar, Sheridan’s Brown Bread Cracker … seriously … ridiculously good flavours, perfect for canapés, that went well with our welcome cocktail and didn’t end up on the floor or on my clothing … it can be a talent in itself when one has a drink in one’s hand you know!

Franciscan Well Stout

When everyone had arrived and the canapés were devoured, Shane Long the Founder and the Master Brewer at the Franciscan Well gave us all some insight into how the stout was brewed. Patrick mentioned the key points above. We then sat ourselves down in wait for our stout and our dinner. We kept great company at our table as we had a good ol’ natter with Louis, the International Marketing Manager with Jameson and with Dave Quinn the Master of Whiskey Science for Jameson … wowsers! How did we get invited to this again? Anyhoo the stout arrived at the table and we all raised our glasses and took a sip. I know Patrick described it above but there really is something special about this stout and sure what would you pair with stout only Oysters of course … and to the tables they arrived … via the waiting staff, that is. The Oysters which were infused with Cherry Puree, Lightly Pickled Shallots and Fresh Cherries, went really well with the stout and they slid down a treat.

Followed by another glass of the Franciscan Well Jameson Barrel Aged Stout and some knowledgeable words from the aforementioned Dave Quinn, the main course was served. Pulled Slow Braised Beef  Short-rib, Roasted Beetroot Puree, Crozier Blue Cheese Croquette and Lovely Gravy … my goodness … Food Glorious Food! The meal was matched so well to the Franciscan Well Jameson Stout and the hints of Jameson that come through did wonders with the Beef. Delicious.

W.J. Kavanagh Slow Braised Beef

As plates were being cleared we know that our final course was only minutes away. Some had their stout topped up, others ordered their teas and coffees. The dessert, the final dish matched with the stout was Dark Chocolate Cake, Blackberries, Cherries, Barley Malt, Chicory & Rye Cream with Sea Salt Crumbs … The Sea Salt Crumbs added a completely different dimension to the dish and honestly I think you either loved it or pushed it to the side. I drank the last of my glass of stout with my dessert, it complemented it. I ordered a tasty 3FE coffee to follow. We finished our evening with a measure of Jameson Special Reserve and clinked glasses with Master of Whiskey Science himself … and no better person! What a stout, thank you Franciscan Well and Jameson. What a meal, thank you @9BeanRow, @thebeercellar and crew at W.J. Kavanagh’s.

I could get used to Monday’s being like this. To connect with Franciscan Well you can visit their website here or like them on Facebook here, I’m following them on twitter here.

 Franciscan Well Stout Launch


Please Note: Patrick and I were gratefully invited to the Launch Party of the Franciscan Well Stout Aged in Jameson Whiskey Casks through The Life of Stuff by the Franciscan Well Brewery through Slattery Communications, however all the words, photographs and opinions are our own … sure else’s would they be?

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