The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland

The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland

A Journey into the Pages of the Lonely Planet: A Travel Writer’s Achievement

In the world of travel writing, few accolades hold as much prestige as being featured in the pages of the iconic Lonely Planet travel guide. For any aspiring travel writer, being recognised in the Lonely Planet guidebook is a remarkable achievement, one that I am immensely proud of, having had the privilege of being included, via my wesbite, in both the latest 2020 and 2022 editions for Ireland.

To truly appreciate the significance of this accomplishment, let’s nod our hats to the importance of Lonely Planet, and let me tell you why ‘The Life of Stuff recommended by Lonely Planet’ is such a big deal.

The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland - The Life of Stuff

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About Lonely Planet

Founded by Tony and Maureen Wheeler in 1972, Lonely Planet began as a humble journey across Asia, fueled by the spirit of adventure and wanderlust. The inspiring story goes that the Wheelers embarked on their epic overland trip from London to Australia, and their experiences along the way led them to create a guidebook for fellow travellers. That initial guide, “Across Asia on the Cheap,” marked the birth of a travel empire. It was revolutionary in its approach, offering practical information, candid insights, and a distinct lack of corporate influence, which set it apart from traditional travel guides of the time.

Lonely Planet’s growth was meteoric, and its guidebooks became the bible for backpackers and adventurers seeking to explore the far corners of the globe. The company’s ethos of promoting responsible, sustainable travel was also groundbreaking.

They encouraged travellers to immerse themselves in local cultures, support local businesses, and tread lightly on the planet – values that resonated deeply with a new generation of conscious travellers.

The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland - 2020 and 2022 Editions

What makes Lonely Planet so enduringly important in the world of travel is its unwavering commitment to offering travellers an unvarnished look at the destinations they seek to explore. The guides are meticulously researched, with a strong focus on local experiences, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path adventures. In an era where influencer-sponsored content often dominate, Lonely Planet’s impartiality and dedication to providing reliable information is a beacon of trustworthiness.

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The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland

Lonely Planet is synonymous with travel excellence. And so it’s an absolute honour to have The Life of Stuff featured. To be recognised by a brand that has influenced countless journeys, and still after fifty years continues to do so, is was nothing short of the perfect scenario for a writer, creator and publisher – The Life of Stuff is now part of the rich tapestry of information that travellers worldwide can rely on to navigate the Emerald Isle!

The inclusion in the 2020 edition was a milestone, but when I received the news of my continued feature in the 2022 edition, the pride was doubled. To be chosen not once but twice was an affirmation of the quality and authenticity of my work and website.

The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland – Latest Editions 2020 & 2022

Being featured in the Lonely Planet Ireland travel guide book (and ebook) in both the 2020 and 2022 editions is a brilliant achievement that really has enriched my passion as a travel writer and creator. It has given me a jig in my step, because we all know a little recognition for our hard work from time to time goes a long way. And as The Life of Stuff has been in existence since 2012 – it really was a lovely way to celebrate its 10th birthday.

The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet Ireland – What it Means to Me

I’ve been a fan of Lonely Planet for over twenty years, since I started travelling. Apart from moving from my hometown in Athy, Co. Kildare to Belfast at seventeen to study, my first big solo trip was to South Korea to teach English when I was twenty. That’s when I officially caught the travel itch and I haven’t quite scratched it yet!

Since then Patrick, my husband and fellow travel enthusiast, and I have experienced over thirty countries and thirty Irish counties, with our two boys joining us over the past number of years. And we know we’ve only scratched the surface.

Travel is beautiful. It’s awakening. It broadens the mind and deepens your soul. And whether I’m travelling ten minutes away or ten hours away, I’m at my happiest when exploring.

So to appear in a travel guide book that I’ve been a fan of for over 20 years is really something special for me. It’s a recognition of my dedication to sharing the wonders of Ireland with fellow travellers.

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To have The Life of Stuff Recommended by Lonely Planet by featuring in its pages, and for these books to sit proudly on my bookshelf next to the Lonely Planet travel guide books that travelled the world with me fills me with pride. It’s the best type of influence for my own children, who will grow up not only with a grá for exploring Ireland and beyond, but with the knowledge that following your passion is one of the best things in life that you can do.

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