Travel USA: 3 Must-Visit Cities for Families in California

Must-Visit Cities for Families in California

California is a picturesque state that’s well known worldwide thanks to the multitude of songs, movies and references to The Golden State. With 423 national parks and 840 miles of glistening coastline, the area is a favourite on the bucket-lists of globetrotters. With prestigious shopping centres and boutiques, classy restaurants and an iconic beach scene, it’s not hard to see why people flock to Cali.

For families, the state is well equipped to offer an easy, convenient seaside holiday – and you may even spot one of the many celebs who have set up home here. In this article, we explore three must-visit cities for families looking to explore California.

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Must-Visit Cities for Families in California - Redondo BeachRedondo Beach Street photo by Paul Hanaoka

Must-Visit Cities for Families in California #1

South Redondo

The breathtaking beachside city of South Redondo is a great place to take a holiday as a family. With pristine sands, world-class stores, water sports activities and plenty of delicious cafes and restaurants, there’s something for everyone here. You can rent e-bikes to explore the coast or ride a segway through the shopping districts to collect souvenirs.

Did you know that Redondo Beach was the site of the original Baywatch series? Today, the golden sands are a favourite for sunbathing, surfing and volleyball.

If you happen to visit between November and April, you can spot the majestic gray whales migrating to Mexico just off the coast of South Redondo. With snorkelling, diving and boating opportunities, there are plenty of ways to educate the kids on marine life and conservation. The U-shaped pier is both full of amenities and large enough to find a quiet spot, perfect for a comfortable beach day with the kids.

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Must-Visit Cities for Families in California - Lake TahoeSpring day in Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay State Park photo by Wesley Gibbs

Must-Visit Cities for Families in California #2

South Lake Tahoe

Spanning between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a stunning destination to add to your USA holiday itinerary. As the second deepest lake in the states, the crystal clear waters are cool and fresh. It’s worth prepping the kids with water shoes to protect their feet from the hot sands and also with wetsuits if going swimming – the water of the lake is always on the cold side, even in high summer.

Commons Beach and Pope Beach are both lovely picnic spots with family-friendly amenities, whilst Emerald Bay State Park offers hiking and nature trails through scenic forests just a short drive away. With stunning panoramic views to be discovered at both ends of the vast lake, it’s a good idea to reserve at least a whole day to explore this area.

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Must-Visit Cities for Families in California - Santa Monica BoulevardSanta Monica Boulevard photo by Jack Finnigan

Must-Visit Cities for Families in California #3

Santa Monica

As a popular destination for all types of travellers, Santa Monica draws the crowds when the sun is shining – which is approximately 310 days each year. That said, the demand has created a fully stocked seaside resort ideal for families with children. With two splash pads, the Annenberg Splash Pad and Tongva Park, the kids can stay cool off the beach. Parks, playgrounds, benches with sun umbrellas, shower blocks and cafes are found in abundance all along the coastline, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up the kids after playing on the sand.

The Santa Monica Pier is a fun-filled attraction, with a carousel and rides for children of all ages to enjoy. There’s even a Ferris wheel to test the nerves of the grown-ups! If you’re staying in the area, be sure not to miss the award-winning farmers market held every Wednesday, where the collection of the freshest local produce draws famous chefs and restaurateurs from across the county of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica feature photo by Anna T S

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