Briefs was definitely not pants @ the Absolut Fringe Festival

Briefs @ the Absolut Fringe Festival, Dublin 2012


So I mentioned the other day that it’s the Absolut Fringe Festival’s 18th Birthday and that I really wanted to join in with the celebrations … well I certainly did that last night at Briefs!

It’s no wonder they have sold out shows in Sydney, London and Edinburgh and it will be no wonder if they sell out every show here in Dublin too. To put it mildly Briefs was definitely not pants and for most part of the night neither were worn … and with those physics I have no shame in admitting, along with a packed out audience, that we didn’t mind either!!!

Okay I’m running away with myself and loosing my train of thought … think of the words Edwina! Anyhoo … what is the show all about? I can tell you what it’s not about. It’s not about sitting still and eyeing up your watch every few minutes, that’s for sure, and to say that the 90 minute show was over before we wanted it to be is an understatement. The show has been described as burlesque with balls and it certainly is that, in fact one of the members of the fabulous Briefs, Captain Kidd, otherwise know as Mark Winmill, is actually the 2011 Boylesque (Burlesque for Boys … shame on you if you didn’t work that out) Champion! and you’ll see why!

But Champions and titles aside, each member of the six briefed hunks from Briefs were tremendous. All from Brisbane, the Briefs are Mark Winmill, Natano Faanana, Davy Sampford, Tess Beck, Rudi Mineur and the ever glamourous host Fez Faanana aka Shivannah … all with great skills of burleque, strength … don’t even get me started on Johnny Domino … oh la la!, comic timing and talent, we even got some cultural education as Fez and Natano Faanana, brothers not lovers, made reference to their samoan roots and Natano’s amazing Pe’a tattoo … what a work of art!!!

Now I thought I’d have photo’s galore to show you but unfortunately we were asked not to take photo’s and really … I think they are right … why spoil the treat instore? for that is what it is. So if you have the opportunity to see this fabulous act … DO IT! Ticket prices are €20 for a standard ticket and €25 for a ringside ticket, which are more than likely sold out, but worth the try … the show is running until September 23rd … 🙂

P.S instead of glamourous photo’s of Briefs you will have to make do with these …

Filmbase, Templebar, Dublin

The Queue

The Entrance

A peek inside

The Wristband

The Tickets

It’s all over

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