Winter Blues – Combating Your Daily Lethargy in 3 Ways

Combating Your Daily Lethargy

Lethargy is no fun to experience, but in the midst of winter as it is now, many people feel it. A lack of sunlight can be a problem, and while taking vitamin D supplements will help you get the correct levels of this vital hormone, it might not completely fix your sense of winter blues.

Moreover, lethargy can sometimes relate to medical conditions you might be suffering the effects of. If that’s the case, then taking the time to visit your doctor for an official diagnosis or at least a check-up can make a tremendous difference.

Winter Blues - Combating Your Daily Lethargy in 3 Ways - Top Tips

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If it’s not a medical condition you’re experiencing, then it’s good to consider your mental health. If, in general, you feel pretty satisfied and happy, with an acceptable amount of stress you deal with healthily, then it might be worth looking at other considerations.

In this article, we’ll discuss three worthwhile means of combating your daily lethargy, hopefully helping you to look to the future with confidence.

Winter Blues – Combating Your Daily Lethargy in 3 Ways

Getting Outside In The Morning

As obvious as it sounds, you’d be amazed at how effective just getting outside in the morning can be. A fifteen minute walk can exercise you and raise your heartrate, but it’s mostly being exposed to totally fresh air that has such as rejuvenating effect. You might also decide to walk your dog in the mornings, or just drink coffee on your porch if the weather is warm enough. This can help shred some of the lethargy from your day, and is actually more effective than solely relying on a morning caffeine hit.

Winter Blues - Combating Your Daily Lethargy in 3 Ways - Get Outside

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Consider Your Hormone Levels & Supplements

Of course, it’s important to consider your hormone levels and micronutrient deficiencies if you have any. This can inspire you to rectify levels such as your electrolytes by getting more potassium via avocados, or using natural alternatives to certain supplements like enclomiphene citrate for the best results.

A common cause of lethargy is low Vitamin D, which can and perhaps should be supplemented through supplement capsules during the winter period – and remember that if you’re overweight, then you may need to take a little more than the recommended amount as it’s fat-soluble.

Winter Blues - Combating Your Daily Lethargy in 3 Ways - Reinforce Quality Sleep

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Reinforce Quality Sleep Conditions 

Sleep is so important for fighting lethargy, but of course, it’s quality sleep that matters above all. You can ensure you find this by keeping a routine bedtime, investing in your bedding and comfort, keeping the room cool, using an air purifier to keep the air fresh, and also trying to eliminate noise by using a white noise machine, or wearing earplugs at night.

All of these measures can combine and help you doze off more readily, hopefully getting your 7-9 hours that adults need. If you need a nap in the middle of the day and you have the time to, this can be worthwhile too. In the long run, your efforts truly will make a sizeable difference.

With this advice, we’re sure you’ll combat your daily lethargy in the best possible way.

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