Bevvy of the Week – Christmas Wine and Food Pairings

Christmas Wine and Food Pairings

With Christmas Day only a handful of weeks away, I’d like to recommend a few grape varieties that work really well with your festive meal. The following is a short ‘Christmas Wine and Food Pairings‘ guide to go by if you are still looking for the vino to serve up on the ‘big day’.

Bevvy of the Week - Christmas Wine and Food Pairings - Wine Guide

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A lot of people stress about the wine they serve with Christmas dinner especially if they are cooking dinner for a number of people and want to impress – let’s stay hopeful for that option this Christmas!

The main thing is to buy what you like. If you like a certain wine, chances are your guests will like it too, so don’t worry too much about it.

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Bevvy of the Week - Christmas Wine and Food Pairings - Wine

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A Simple Christmas Wine Guide

Before dinner a simple Mulled Wine is a lovely way to set the scene with its aroma and taste. Here are recipes for Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine


Something bubbly is always a great way to start off your Christmas meal and if you are serving fish or shellfish a Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc will go very nicely indeed. If you don’t want the bubbles a Sauvignon Blanc will do just as good.

Main Meal:

  1. Turkey & Ham: There are a few grape varieties that will work well with Turkey and Ham. Pinot Noir or Tempranillo for the red wine drinkers and a Chardonnay preferably from France for the white wine drinkers.
  2. Spiced Beef: The red grape varieties in Shiraz will work best with the spiced beef. The spice and pepper from the Shiraz will help bring out its flavour.


A bottle of LBV Port will stand up to the richness of any Christmas pudding.

For more Bevvy of the Week recommendations, from Irish Beers to International spirits visit my Bevvy of the Week page here.

Enjoy, Sáinte,


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A simple Christmas Wine and Food Pairings Guide

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