My Flightfest 2013 in Photo’s

Flightfest, Dublin, September 15th, 2013

Flightfest 2013

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google + you’ll know that Flightfest was on my agenda on Sunday and you would have seen the picture above posted. It was on the agenda and it happened. We got the bus into town, leaving the car at home as we knew that it would be chocoblock in the City Centre. We also knew that we would more than likely fancy a wee drink when there while watching what was promised to be a ‘once in a life-time international fly past’ ( It also promised to be one of the largest events of The Gathering 2013 and with more than 130,000 people there, it lived up to those promises. We, Patrick and I, bumped into a few of our close friends while plane spotting … it’d be a sad state of affairs if you didn’t see someone you knew or know or kind of know, especially if you live in Dublin. We took a walk down the south-side of the Quays and took our place outside one of the pubs there for a tipple, a natter and for me to get snap happy on the planes and helicopters involved in the flypast. The event was very well organised with big screens and commentary loud and clear for all to hear. So fair play Flightfest!

I was a little snap happy and some snaps aren’t too happy and a bit blurred to be honest … I did look in envy at those with camera lenses the length of a barge as they most likely got brilliant shots but for now and for the next while I’ll be making do with my lil camera. I often display my photo’s here on the blog in a collage format but I felt that this wouldn’t work for this post so I chose my favourite 12 photo’s in their entirety. I hope you enjoy them.

Flightfest 1

Flightfest 2

Flightfest 3

Flightfest 4

Flightfest 5

Flightfest 6

Flightfest 7

Flightfest 8

Flightfest 10

Flightfest 10

Flightfest 11

Flightfest 12

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