How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding – 3 Simple Steps

3 Simple Steps on How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding

Your wedding reception is a chance for guests to let their hair down and celebrate your newly married status with you and your new spouse. After the formalities of the day are over, you can focus on actually getting to speak to your guests, as well as the important milestones of cutting your wedding cake and having your first dance.

It’s also the time for everyone to get their dancing shoes on, with most weddings typically opting for a DJ and/or a live band to get everyone out of their seats. But with many couples choosing to just have an open dance floor rather than group dances such as a ceilidh, you may have some guests who are a little more reluctant to get up for a spin.

So how can you make sure that all your guests can show off their best moves? Read on to find out.

How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding - some classic party songs

How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding – Step One

Some Classic Party Songs

The first ingredient for any party is good music. You want your guests to feel connected to the songs you’re playing, and want to get up and dance with the people around them. Classic songs like the Macarena might be cheesy, but most people can’t resist them – once they’re over, you can transition to a more personalised playlist.

You could also ask your guests to submit songs with their RSVPs, or in a box on the day to ensure that they get at least one song they love. An experienced DJ should be able to meet these requests, whilst a band can either match the song or play something similar in the same genre.

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How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding - use lighting to create the mood

How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding – Step Two

Use Lighting to Create the Mood

The lighting you choose will set the mood, and indicate to your guests that it’s time to relax and mingle. No one wants to dance under bright white lights; instead, use soft lighting and colour to create more of a party atmosphere. The right lighting can also make the dance floor seem less intimidating and make your guests feel less self-conscious.

Some DJs or venues will also offer sophisticated lighting that reacts to the music that you’re playing. This means you can still keep things elegant for your first dance and any slow tunes, but pick up the party vibe with upbeat music.

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How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding - Ask your wedding party to help out

How to Get Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding – Step Three

Ask Your Wedding Party to Help Out

People are influenced by the mood of others – if you and your wedding party are all sitting and mingling, your guests are less likely to get on the dance floor. As the happy couple, you probably don’t want to be on the dance floor all night, so ask your wedding party to help out and keep the energy flowing.

They don’t all have to be on the floor at once, but having one or two bridesmaids or groomsmen dancing can inspire others. Especially if they’re well-known to the majority of your guests, they may also be able to tempt people who are shy to get up. Some people will feel nervous about the idea of getting up and dancing solo, but they will if someone asks them directly, so ask your wedding attendants to make sure everyone is included.

Dance the Night Away

There you have it – three simple tips to help ensure that your dance floor is packed out all night long. Remember that the music you choose is key to a good wedding reception, so put some thought into this before the big day. Asking guests to contribute song ideas or hiring a live band is a great way to make sure the atmosphere is just right.

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