6 Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World

For Your Child Making Their Way In The World

Most parents understand that no matter how old their children become, they will always be their children. No one knows you like a parent, no matter how adult we think we are.

Of course, respecting their identities, age and experience is key, but it’s true to say that parents will always have that love in the same capacity they had when you were learning to crawl.

As a parent, it can be both incredibly beautiful and also very worrying to see your child making their way in the world, especially as they move into adulthood. Of course, while the strong desire to wrap them in cotton wool will always persist, we can’t protect them from life, and doing so would be deeply unhealthy. So the best thing for it, is to help them get started in a way that won’t rob them of their learning curves and responsibilities. But will instead help them to succeed in the world independently.

A good way of achieving this is to provide them with some additional gifts when and where appropriate, such as for birthdays or seasonal events. This way, you can gently smooth their way into independence going forward. And to help you here are ‘6 Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World.’

6 Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World

Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World - Car Accessories - Brittas Bay Beach, County Wicklow, Ireland

Brittas Bay Beach, County Wicklow Photo by Melissa O’Neill

Car Accessories

When your teenager begins to drive you’ll notice a real sense of potential and possibility in their every decision from then on, because most of us know the freedom that comes with owning a vehicle we can use. Of course, not everyone can provide their child with a car outright, and that’s more than understandable.

That said, it can be that you outfit them with a few accessories to make their driving experience easier and safer, and sometimes, more enjoyable.

For instance, outfitting them with a better car radio system can be a nice idea. Lumbar support cushions might also be a good idea, or a top box for luggage if they love to travel and go on road trips. You could even gift them private number plates if you’re feeling fancy – it can be a nice way to add some personality to the car. This way, you can make sure that they take their vehicle even more seriously and are liable to look after it and themselves on the roads.

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Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World - Home Appliances and Household Chore Helpers

Photo by Taylor Heery

Home Appliances – Household Chore Helpers

Now that you’re not around to do all of the chores (or at least your share of them), your child will need to begin looking after themselves fully. Of course, they may only have themselves to look after, which makes things a little easier, and we’re sure your son or daughter is quite responsible anyway.

That said, it can be nice to provide them with a few tools to make the overall planning experience easier to deal with. ‘Household Chore Helpers’ may involve large laundry baskets or divided laundry storage areas so they can separate their colours more easily. A vacuum cleaner which is a little more powerful than the one provided by their landlord could be great, or helping them with a full suite of non-toxic cleaners could also be a good idea. This way, they’re less likely to let clothing pile up.

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Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World - professional necessities

Photo by Hana

Professional Necessities

Now that your child is starting to work professionally, furnishing them appropriately is key. They’ll no doubt make some purchases themselves. It might be nice to gift them a backpack however, or perhaps even a briefcase depending on the job they do.

You might offer them binders or stationary they can use more easily, or even opt to purchase an accessory for their laptop like a better headset so they can remote work and attend video calls more easily. Your child may or may not wish for your involvement here, but a purchase that helps them get to grips with more advanced working life is always something they’ll appreciate.

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Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World - Kitchen Goods

Photo by Trey Schatzmann

Kitchen Goods

One thing that every parent wishes for is for their children is to be well-fed and to eat as healthily as they can. It’s good to encourage those good habits. Kitchen goods, then, can serve as a great gift. You may decide to go for something relatively expensive that can be used for years, like an air fryer (conveniently helping them avoid the need to use oil-based frying), or a slow cooker they can learn to master cooking with – again for convenience but also encouraging healthy home cooking.

Kitchen goods might also be as simple as giving them a few plates, bowels, cooking utensils and cutlery. It might be that they don’t have a draining board rack to place these washed items in! Simple gifts like these can make a major difference to the functionality of your child’s home.

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Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World - Fitness Accessories

Photo by Alina Rubo

Fitness Accessories and Helpers

In line with healthy food intake is the need to exercise, and so making sure your child has every chance to keep up with that is also key. Purchasing them a good yoga mat can mean the world. Or, you might even purchase dumbbells they can use when they need to.

Fitness helpers don’t have to be overly complex, but they can remind your child to take care of themselves despite the busy work of adult life.

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Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World - Home Decor

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Decorative Elements

Last but not least is the gift of decorative elements that help furnish a home and help it become their own space to live in comfortably. Of course, part of the wonder in living somewhere new is being able to decorate it how you like (and within the limits a landlord might accept), and so it’s good not to dictate to them how they should live as a parent.

Something we can do, however, is give them a few gifts to help them remember us. A beautiful framed photograph of the whole family they can proudly display on their wall will help them remember to visit you and keep in touch, no matter how busy they get or how far away they’ve moved to. It could also be that helping a space feel nicer with a few potted plants or a beautifully designed lamp can add that sense of unique personality.

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With this gift guide featuring ‘6 Great Gifts For Your Child Making Their Way In The World’, we’re certain your child will make their way in the world in the best possible way, and your gifts as a parent will be a lovely if small part of that journey.

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