Homestyle – How to Style Your Sofa with Cushions & Throws

How to Style Your Sofa with Cushions & Throws

Adding cushions and throws to your sofa is a simple and cost effect way to help bring your living room to life. It creates a mood. Formal or informal, minimalist or cosy. Treat your senses with the colours you love to look at, and the textures you love to touch. Use your living room decor as inspiration, or a painting that adorns the wall. Match cushions and throws or just mix-match your way to your perfect look. This step by step guide will help to inspire you.

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Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - Sofa

Sofa: Gifted from DFS, this beautiful Trafalgar 3 Seater Sofa comes in 14 colours. It also comes with a free 15 year frame and frame springs guarantee. And you can opt for a protective coating to help keep it clean. Perfect if you have small children – we’ve actually seen through two birthday parties and it still looks new. Ours is navy velvet and also has the Eaziglide technology, allowing us to easily slide our sofa around the room. For more information visit

Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - The Life of Stuff

Cushions: Cushions used in this post and video were gifted from DFS (Trafalgar: Marble Scatter Cushion) and from Artist Michelle Duffy of Camlake Canvas. The others featured were bought in Woodies, IKEA, Primark and came from our travels in SouthEast Asia. Prices range from €10 to €99.

Throws: The two throws featured in the post were bought in The Range and IKEA.

How to Style Your Sofa in 27 Ways with Cushions & Throws

How to Style Your Sofa – Formal with Simple Squares and Prints

Style 1: Add one printed scatter cushion to your sofa for a minimalist look. Place it in the corner or even in the middle.

Style 2: For balance, two printed scatter cushions can be placed in opposite corners of your sofa.

Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - Style 3

Style 3: Two pairs of matching scatter cushions, plain and printed for a formal look.

Add a throw, or two

Style 4: Add a throw to the middle of two pairs of matching scatter cushions, a complimentary print perhaps.

Style 5: To create a five cushion style, add a smaller cushion in the middle of the sofa with paired cushions either side. Or do what I did and roll the throw to create the look.

Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - Style 6

Style 6: To two pairs of matching cushions, add two throws to compliment the colours of the sofa and cushions and add a relaxed tone.

How to Style Your Sofa – Treat with Texture

Style 7: Arrange three cushions in one corner, using different textures. I love a fluffy cushion cover.

Style 8: If you like your cushions in the corner try adding a throw to balance the style. Pick a complementary colour or print.

Style 9: Try styling with five cushions. Use two matching pairs and add a textured cushion for some fun.

Style 10: When creating a six cushion style, use matching pairs, and two textured singles in different sizes (my sixth is a rolled throw).

Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - Style 11

Style 11: Go for a full effect of seven cushions, using two base coloured cushions in each corner and building with colour, texture and size.

How to Style Your Sofa – Play with Prints

Style 12: Create a simple but effective look with just one rectangular shaped bold print cushion.

Style 13: Or if you’d like to add some drama to a formal style, then use two pairs of printed cushions. I used different shapes too – square and rectangular.

Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - Style 14

Style 14: Five cushions of different sizes can look great when using mixed prints and fabrics. Balance the look by using the same print in different colours in each corner. Added texture and different shapes to create a relaxed feel.

How to Style Your Sofa – Add a Colour Pop

Style 15: Bright colours work with most sofa’s. Go bright and bold and place three cushions of different colours in one corner. Different sizes work well. If you don’t have a smaller cushion to layer, try rolling a throw like I did.

Style 16: For some balance, place three brightly coloured cushions in one corner of the sofa. Then choose a colour to match and place a printed cushion in this matched cushion in the other corner.

Style 17: Three cushions always look well on a sofa. This look is simple but fun. Match two brightly coloured cushions in each corner. Add some depth with a third cushion of a different colour layered on one side. Go print or textured.

Style 18: Four cushions and a throw work well on this three seater. Two matching brightly coloured cushions are used as a base. Then layered with two more cushions, different in texture and colour. Add a throw and the look is complete.

How to Style Your Sofa – Play with Pastels

Style 19: Pastels work wonderfully with this navy velvet sofa. Choose two and place them on one side. I went for two rectangular shaped pillow style cushions that are velvet to touch.

Style 20: Three pastel cushions in different shades also look great. Alway place the larger style to the back as a base and build on that. If your sofa is dark, use a lighter colour as a base cushion to build upon, visa versa if you have a light coloured sofa.

Style 21: When going for a three cushion style, try going for a painting-like cushion as a feature cushion. Then choose colours from the painting to bring your look together. Here I chose the pink and green hues from the cushion and carried them across.

Style 22: If you’d like to prop your feature cushion up, go for a colour and texture that will compliment the print but not take away from it. And don’t be afraid to add something fun.

How to Style Your Sofa – Textures and Throws

Style 23: Playing with textures is a great way to create a look that’s unique. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Here I used a large velvet cushion, a fluffy textured cushion and a printed cushion, all in different sizes.

Style 24: Sometimes simplicity is the key. Using pillow style cushions give a luxury effect as they can be manipulated into shape. These velvet cushions are an example. To get the look, prop up the cushion and karate chop it in the middle. Simple as that!

Style 25: This style uses four different cushions and a throw. The style is brought together by a common theme. Colours from the print cushion are used to influence the choice of cushions and throw. Balance is achieved by placing a strong colour cushion in one corner of the sofa and a matching throw on the other side.

Style 26: If odd number cushions are your thing, then five cushions is a great number. Two matching cushions can be placed in each corner, then built upon with textures and shapes. The three:two style works well on this three seater.

How to Style Your Sofa ? Do it Your Way!

Homestyle - How to Style a Sofa with Cushions & Throws - Style 27

Style 27: The best thing about styling your sofa is that you can do it your way! One cushion or seven, style it how you like it. This style actually uses nine cushions! Too much? Or just right? You decide!

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