Bevvy of the Week – Soave


In this week’s Bevvy of the Week, I’m going to recommend an Italian white wine, from the wine region of Verona. Verona is an important wine region in Italy as three of the most famous Italian wines come from here. Valpolicella, Bardolino and Soave, and it is Soave that we are going to look at today.

Bevvy of the Week - Soave - Grapevine

This Italian white is made from the Garganega grape, where 70 – 100% of the variety can be used. Other grapes that may also be used are Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

This is a dry, crisp wine. And although some people describe it as bland, if it’s made right, it is full with floral overtones and even a hint of spice.

Bevvy of the Week - Soave - Italian White Wine

So with the days getting longer and a little warmer, a glass of Soave is the ideal wine choice for sitting back and relaxing with. And the best part is that you should get a bottle for around €12.

Cheers, Sláinte,


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