Abbeyleix Bog Project – A Beautiful Bog Boardwalk through Irish Nature

Abbeyleix Bog Project – High Bog Walkway

The Abbeyleix Bog Project manages a 500 acre community bog in County Laois. The Collins Bog Walk and Killamuck Bog Walk are two looped walks centred on Abbeyleix Bog at the southern end of Abbeyleix town. You’ll find them registered with the Sports Council’s Trails Office. But the Abbeyleix Bog Project has a dedicated site that can be found at

Abbeyleix Bog Walk Entrance

These beautiful looped walks take you through woodland and forestry paths scattered with benches and picnic tables. Noticeboards introduce you to some of the flora and fauna you can expect to see along these paths, and in the bogs.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - Woodland Path

Irish Nature Spotting

Keep an eye out for plants such as heather, bog rosemary, lichens and deer grass. Enjoy the colours and textures of your surroundings. On the bog walk witness peat forming mosses – there can be as many as 25 mosses found on raised bogs such as these.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - onto the boardwalk

When it comes to Irish wildlife – keep your eyes peeled for birds such as the skylark, woodcock and snipe, amphibians and animals such as the frog, fox and Irish hare. And of course invertebrates such as snails and spiders, along with butterflies and moths.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - Flora and Fauna

More on the Abbeyleix Bog Project

There is ample parking near the entrance of the bog walking trails at Abbeyleix Manor Hotel. Walk through the gap in the beech hedge, take a left and you’ll find the start. When we last visited we lunched at the hotel after our walk. But in future, we plan to bring our own.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - pools and moss

The Collins Bog Loop

This trail is considered an easy walk. It’s a looped 4.5 km walk and should take about 1.5 hours. Dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a lead. The loop is marked by a green arrow, with the start and finish point at the aforementioned Manor Hotel.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - wide boardwalk

The Killamuch Bog Loop

This walking trail is also considered an easy walk. It’s a looped 8 km walk and should take about 2 hours. Again dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a lead. The loop  is marked by a purple arrow, with the start and finishing point at the Manor Hotel as per the Collins Bog Loop.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - on the bog walk

Our Experience

Our experience is of the Collins Bog Loop. The pathways and trails through the woodland and onto the bog were easily accessed, even with a stroller. We spotted lots of butterflies and bees. The colours of the bog changed as we walked. It really is a beautiful place, quiet on the ears but loud on serenity. Our preschoolers; Smith and Cassidy delighted in the experience. Smith eager to spot wildlife in the trees, grass, moss, and bog pools.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - waters

The boardwalk was wide enough to take the stoller we had Cassidy our littlest in, but narrowed as we came to the end of our walk across the bog. This wasn’t a problem for us as he could walk some of the way along the narrow boardwalk. And Patrick carried him the rest of the way through the woodland.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - narrow boardwalk

I mention it for those whose children don’t walk yet or for those whose prams or strollers aren’t as easy to fold and carry. So just be mindful – you will get the chance to enjoy this beautiful walk but you will have to turn around and return the way you came.

Abbeyleix Bog Walk - trees

But for now please enjoy this video – I hope it inspires you to get out and enjoy nature, explore Ireland, and discover new things to do.



We’re looking forward to returning for more Abbeyleix Bog Project exploration. There is a riverbank, an old railway line and woodland tracks that bring you around old buildings such as the Old South School and Church of Ireland Church and the Lord’s Walk – all waiting for us to discover!

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PIN Abbeyleix Bog Project – A Beautiful Bog Boardwalk through Irish Nature

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