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I’m a Simple kinda gal. I’ve been using Simple products for quite some time now. No perfume. No colour.

The face wash, cleaning lotion, eye makeup remover and day cream. The Age Resisting Face Wash isn’t harsh, includes ingredients like chamomile and green tea extract and I can use it every day. The Kind to Eyes Makeup Remover works magic to rid me of my panda eyes being a lover of eyeliner and mascara. The Kind to Skin Day Cream is light, dries in quickly and has vitamins and sunscreens. I have The Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser and the Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion but don’t use them as much as the other products. I probably should use a toner and night cream but I don’t.

I’ve been blessed with fairly good skin and that’s a genetic thing.  I rarely get spots and my skin is quite clear so I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m not bragging, it’s just how it is. The one thing that I have noticed now since my last birthday in June and since scrutinising my face for my wedding day makeup in July are the fine lines that are beginning to appear. It’s inevitable really. I’m not doing too bad and I think that we all face them at different times. I’ve seen guys and gals ten years younger than me with more of these little beggars but I’ve also seen those ten years my senior with less.

My beauty regime is simple and I happen to use simple. The only anti-aging product I use is the face wash I mentioned above but I’m beginning to think maybe it’s time for an anti-aging cream. I know that ‘they’ recommend you start using these products in your 20’s and I’m past that … but my question is do we really need to use them? Isn’t it your genetics, your health, the amount of sun worshipping you do and the amount of water or wine you drink the real factor in a wrinkle free face.

This post has evolved from a Best Beauty Buy to a question to you dear readers. I’d love to hear your opinions. Hear what you use whether it be a well known brand or a natural remedy … so leave a comment and let’s share what we know 🙂


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  1. Totally agree Edwina it’s genetic but I’m the person the advertisers love new this and that products to work wonders on ageing skin but your right keep it simple and daily and lots of water to dilute the wine lol

  2. I know Sharon it can be quite tempting when you hear of miracle wonders. I have to admit do like to try new things, like any gal or guy and I may change my tune at some stage but for now I’ll keep it simple and dilute with water 🙂