Bottle Your Own Whiskey at The Jameson Experience Midleton

#BottleYourOwn Whiskey at The Jameson Experience Midleton

If you follow The Life of Stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram you’d have seen some of these photo’s (click to zoom) and know that last Monday (April 15th) Patrick and I were at The Jameson Experience in Midleton, Cork. 

We were invited to the Launch of the Jameson ‘Bottle Your Own‘ experience and as well as getting to meet the makers behind the experience we were also advised that we’d get to bottle our own bottle of the good stuff! So with petrol in the car, blue skies ahead and minus my gorgeous little baba (yes there were tears, from me, as we handed him over to the best babysitter ever, my sister for a few hours) Patrick and I set off on the M7 to Cork for the first mini road trip in ages.

So what is Bottle Your Own and how does it work?