Captivated by Beautiful Curracloe Beach in Co. Wexford

Curracloe Beach in Co. Wexford

As a family, we’ve visited Curracloe Beach yearly since St. Patrick’s Day 2016. We’ve ventured up and down the Wexford coastline throughout these years too. And there are a number of beautiful beaches and places to visit, which will feature here on The Life of Stuff.

Captivated by Curracloe Beach in Co. Wexford - Sandy Strand

But no matter where we’ve explored we have always returned to Curracloe for its Blue Flag beach, sandy dunes, easy access, space, facilities and natural beauty – you’ll also find The Raven Nature Reserve and Raven Point Woods adjacent to the beach at the south end of Curracloe Beach.

Captivated by Curracloe Beach in Co. Wexford - Culletons Gap - Nature Reserve

Getting to Curracloe Beach

Curracloe Beach can be found about 15km from Wexford Town. Access to the beach is by car parks at three main entrances. And each entrance has wooden sleeper walkways that take you from the carpark directly to the beach. The three main entrances onto Curracloe Beach, from north to south are Ballinesker, White Gap and Culleton’s Gap, and you’ll find more information on each entrance below.

Ballinesker Beach


Did you know that the film Saving Private Ryan was filmed on Ballinesker Beach. It was used to recreate ‘the D-Day landings at Omaha Beach, Normandy, during the Second World War on 6 June 1944’.

Ballinesker Beach entrance has the flattest boardwalk of the three entrances. And because of this it’s a great option if walking uphill is bothersome, you have littles in a pram or buggy, or if you use a wheelchair.

Where: North of the beach.

Boardwalk: The boardwalk at Ballinesker is the best choice for prams and wheelchairs.

Facilities: Toilets.

White Gap Beach


White Gap Beach entrance is the largest of the three entrances and has the most facilities. There are also Life Guards on this stretch of beach during the summer months, which is a big advantage for peace of mind when swimming.

Captivated by Curracloe Beach in Co. Wexford - Beach View

Where: Middle of the beach. White Gap has the largest carpark.

Boardwalk: The boardwalk at is on middle ground when it comes to steepness – steeper than Ballinsker, less steep than Culleton’s.

Facilities: Toilets, shower, Surf Shack and café takeaway and arcade.

Culleton’s Gap Beach