Career Guidance: 5 Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut - The Life of StuffYou can try so hard to get the job you want and things might go well for a while. However, everyone faces times when their job doesn’t inspire them as much as it once did. Perhaps it’s not what they envisioned, or maybe it isn’t as fulfilling as expected. Whatever has happened, getting out of a career rut can be tricky. So what can the average professional do to make a change?

5 Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut – Tip #1

Learn New Skills

Consider this – you might not be as passionate about your career because you don’t possess the skills to go further. It could be worth asking your boss about professional development and any opportunities they can provide or recommend. Your manager should love your go-getter attitude, and may be happy to mentor you or offer advice on the best ways to boost your skills. This could involve taking on more senior responsibilities or enhancing skills outside of working hours through certifications and other courses.

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Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut – Tip #2

Speak Up More

There’s a chance you may have coasted through the role so far. You’ve come in, done your work, and gone home. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it also means you may not be getting as much from your career as you’d like. One solution is to be more assertive at work and speak up during meetings or other occasions. ‘Speak Up More’ by sharing your thoughts and ideas more readily, and be sure to make yourself more approachable to colleagues – to help with problems they might be struggling with.

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut - Start an new project

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut – Tip #3

Start A New Project

If you want to stand out and get more out of your career, initiating a new project might be the answer. This shows you are willing to take initiative and have found a solution to a problem that needs solving. Bring the issue to your manager and explain how you plan to solve it. If they sign off on it, you can throw yourself into a new project that will inspire you in your career again.

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut – Tip #4

Take Some Time Off

You can solve a career rut through various means, especially at the office. However, sometimes, you just need a break, especially after a busy period. While you can’t leave your team high and dry during hectic schedules, you should always try and utilise your annual leave, and learn to step away from the role for a while. Go somewhere warm and relaxed or laze around the house guilt-free. When you come back, you’ll feel energised and invigorated.

Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut – Tip #5

Consider A Career Change

Sometimes, it’s impossible to get out of the rut. You can try everything possible and still feel like you’re going nowhere. If this sounds familiar, a career change could be the best solution. But although career changes can have the best possible outcome, and we all know of those fairy tale stories, the reality is they can also be risky. You don’t want to do something that might not work out. Taking a test through the Strong-Interest Inventory can help you find a role or options that appeal to you so you can explore the best possibilities.

As the saying goes ‘A change is as good as a rest.’

Out Of the Mud

You’re not alone in experiencing a career rut. Many people have encountered this issue before, some more than once, and many of them have escaped it. If you feel like your job isn’t doing what you hoped, these tips can help you identify the best ways to change your situation and enjoy a career that matters to you.

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Tips to Get Out Of A Career Rut - The Life of Stuff

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