Dublin Street Art from 2013

Street Art – Graffiti Art – 2013

Labelz are for jars not for people

Rushing to work, running for a bus, chatting on your phone, head down listening to music, wearing the ear off a friend, sunglasses, umbrellas, hats, time … there are many reasons why we miss the free art that is offered up to us every day on the streets of Dublin or in fact any city. When in the countryside this free art comes in the shape of a green pastures, ancient trees, blossoming flowers, the tides of the sea, the chirping of birds and buzz of the bees. In the city this free art comes in the shape of heritage buildings, monuments, statues, people and the many colourfully painted walls of unused or unwanted space. Street Art or Graffiti Art is free and can be beautiful. It can have meaning. It does have meaning. A message. This art has a life but is not timeless, it’s borrowed space is it’s borrowed time. One day it’s there, the next day it isn’t. It comes in many shapes from many different sources, artists to organisations.

I’d love to say I captured every piece of Street Art around Dublin I admired in 2013, but I’d be lying. There were pieces of art that I told myself I’d photograph some other time, but that time didn’t come. There were those that I did capture but not very well and then there were those that promised me they’d be there on my return but alas they’d left never to be seen again by my eyes.

I have created a Dublin Street Art Gallery below of some of my favourite pieces from 2013, the ones I did capture. Some can still be seen today others never again in the same way. Click the photo to enlarge, click the arrows to navigate and enjoy.