Why You Should Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home

Why & How To Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home

If you were to describe your home in three words, it’s pretty certain that ‘efficient’ wouldn’t be one of them. The word ‘efficient’ is often used in business situations – how can we make our workflow more efficient? Can we prioritise efficiency? – and when applied to the home, it can appear cold and unwelcoming. After all, home represents comfort, ease, relaxation and family.

Why You Should Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home - The Life of Stuff

Although the word ‘efficiency’ might not seem like it belongs in the home, unless of course you’re discussing sustainable living; food wastage, fast fashion, and heating and electrical bills, but think again. Because despite its colder ‘business’ association, and its association with cutting things down and cutting things out – making your home more efficient can promote all the things that home is supposed to be: relaxing, comfortable and easy.

Changing the way your home works in order to prioritise efficiency allows you to get on with the more important things in life.

Here are three simple ways to prioritise efficiency in your home for a more relaxing, comfy, and easier way of life.

Why You Should Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home - Kitchen

1. Keep Your Kitchen Practical

Cooking dinner with the family is one of the great joys of being at home. Spending time together to cook, talk, laugh, and have fun in the kitchen is a special moment that you should treasure. However, constantly rummaging for cookery items and ingredients can make cooking dinner stressful rather than fun!

Your kitchen’s layout might not be as efficient as it could be, creating stress where there should be relaxation. Here are a couple of ways to make your kitchen more efficient and easy to use.

  • Organise your cupboards so that frequently-used items are near to the front. This saves you time and energy rummaging around trying to find the olive oil for the fifteenth time this week!
  • Save space by investing in wall devices such as knife magnets.

Why You Should Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home - Bedroom

2. A Simple Bedroom

Your bedroom is more than just a room for sleeping – it is a place that must promote tranquility and peace for your mind and body. A good night’s sleep can be achieved every night with the right routine, as well as creating a space that speaks to your needs aesthetically. But how can a simple bedroom be achieved?

Firstly, make tidying a priority. The efficiency of your bedroom relies on good habits, nothing more – so try to instil positive habits in your bedtime routine. This could be spending thirty seconds folding away clothes left out, or straightening your bedsheets in the morning. You can research online and find more bedroom design tips that maximise efficiency!

Why You Should Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home - Bathroom

3. Regular Bathroom Cleaning

An efficient bathroom doesn’t just mean having all your plumbing in full working order. It also means having a clean, bright space that feels comforting and relaxing. The bathroom is often sidelined as a “necessary” space, but it doesn’t have to be. Maximising its efficiency turns the bathroom into a relaxing place for all to enjoy.

How can you make your bathroom more efficient? Firstly, invest in simple shelving that helps to store bathroom paraphernalia away from the eyeline and therefore out of your cluttered mind! Additionally, keep the bathroom clean with good regular sanitising that keeps it hygienic and healthy for everyone.

‘Efficiency in your home’ doesn’t have to be on the back burner – bring it to the forefront of your home’s design, and you will find it an altogether more relaxing place to be!

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Why You Should Prioritise Efficiency In Your Home - The Life of Stuff

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