Five Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia

Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia

I love Ireland, as a regular reader here to The Life of Stuff, you’ll know that. 

Okay … I was going somewhere with this I promise … I’ll start again …

Five Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia

I love Ireland, it’s my home, and I’m proud to say that we have some of the most amazing landscape in the world, but with the temperamental weather we get here I didn’t even consider it when it came to experiencing my first skydive. I’ll stand corrected and invite you to set me straight on this one – please leave your comments below.

Five Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia

Now Australia on the other hand was a very different story, and when Patrick and I visited for our trip that stretched from Cairns to Melbourne, skydiving was top of the list alongside snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

Five Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia

For our skydive we chose Mission Beach in Queensland … we were sold on the sunshine, blue skies, sandy beach, tropical waters and diving from 14000ft, and on that note here are my ‘Five Reasons to Skydive in Australia’ … in no particular order …

  1. The landscape – how could you NOT want to dive over tropical islands, aqua blue waters and land on a sandy beach?
  2. The Weather – yep if it’s predicted to be sunny, it most likely WILL be sunny.
  3. The Height – you can’t jump from 14000ft everywhere in the world but in Australia you can – jumping from 14000ft is amazing and the adrenalin rush of the freefall is second to none.
  4. The Skydive Master’s – of course you won’t be jumping on your own. It’s a tandem skydive which basically means you’re attached to another human being who is in charge of guiding you and opening the parachute (thank f***). It’s safe, don’t worry … some say safer than crossing the road! However always go with your gut instinct and when choosing who to skydive with, always do your research. Check online reviews, the hotel or hostel reviews and try to speak to people who have already experienced the company. Once you find the right company, your Skydive Master most likely will have hundreds of skydive’s under his (parachute) belt and will be qualified at taking care of you, your nerves and helping you achieve an unforgettable experience. 
  5. The Price and Package’s – because of tourists, companies not only have to prove themselves to be the best but they also need to keep the cost to their customers competitive. Again, don’t just go for the cheapest package, do your homework and again always trust your gut. Prices vary and so too do packages. You can choose to tandem skydive only, or you can buy photographs and video’s to go along with it … and on that note … this is me jumping from a plane at 14000ft over Mission Beach, Australia …


Patrick and I chose Skydive Mission Beach and had an amazing experience with them. If you’d like to check them out you can visit their website here.

Five Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia


Five Reasons to Tandem Skydive in Australia

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