6 Super Reasons To Visit Australia In December

Visit Australia In December

Australia is one of the best winter getaways for those looking for some winter sun. It offers an opposing climate during December unlike Ireland and the United Kingdom, where it’s freezing during December.

For most of us, travelling to, and holidaying in Australia this winter might be out of the question due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. You can read in detail what these restrictions and exemptions entail here on the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs, travel restrictions and exemptions page.

However we will travel again, and so if you are someone seeking some warmth and winter fun, then here are some of the reasons to visit Australia in December.

6 Super Reasons To Visit Australia In December #WhenWeTravelAgain - Sea Cliff Bridge - Grand Pacific Drive
Sea Cliff Bridge – Grand Pacific Drive

6 Reasons To Visit Australia In December

1 – Plenty of Beach Activities

Australia is warm during December, depending on where you visit. Most of Australia will offer plenty of warmth so that you can enjoy plenty of time at the beach.

Burleigh Heads QLD offers some of the finest surfing in Australia, which is ideal for surfers. While Sydney and Brisbane and cityscapes, which is ideal for those who love tall buildings and tourist activities while walking around in shorts and t-shirts.

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6 Super Reasons To Visit Australia In December #WhenWeTravelAgain - Christmas on the Beach

2 – Enjoy Christmas Day on the Beach

There are so many reasons why you will want to spend Christmas day in Australia, especially if you are seeking some sun.

You can enjoy a very different Christmas day in Australia as instead of being inside with a roast dinner, you can spend it cooking a BBQ on the beach!

Not only can you enjoy food on the beach for Christmas, but you can also swim and sunbathe. What better way to spend Christmas day and another reason to visit Australia in December.

6 Super Reasons To Visit Australia In December #WhenWeTravelAgain - Penguin Parade

3 – Penguin Parade

Should you love penguins then you will want to visit Australia in December to witness the penguin parade, which happens on Phillip Island, about a two hour drive southeast of Melbourne. But do note that although busy all year round, December is considered a peak-time so book at least a month in advance.

The area is home to Australia’s largest penguin colony — about 32,000 — with up to 1200 making the nightly procession up the beach, chortling and cooing within a metre of spectators. Phillip Island locals have been watching the parade since the 1920s but viewing wasn’t formalised until the construction of stands in 1955.’


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4 – Moonlight Cinemas

If you are a fan of movies and want a totally unique experience, then you will want to consider Australia in December to enjoy some of the best outdoor cinemas in the world.

Moonlight cinemas are hosted throughout Australia where you can watch your favourite movies (festive or not) while cosied up under the stars (and in the warmth).

6 Super Reasons To Visit Australia In December #WhenWeTravelAgain - Sydney

5 – Immense Markets

There are festive markets across the world and there are some great ones in Australia. There are extensive markets with plenty on offer to get you prepared and excited for Christmas.

You can spend all day at festive foods markets or shopping for presents. For more inspiration visit the Christmas in Australia website for details on where to go, and what to see and do.

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6 – Soak up Some Cricket

For the cricket fans among us, you can enjoy some great games throughout December across Australia. Instead of watching it from your sofa, you can enjoy it in person and watch your favourite sport in the warmth during a typically cold month (for most places in the world).

Although you might not want to spend your entire trip watching cricket, it is certainly a great reason to go to Australia in December. The other days can be spent on the beach, attending the Christmas markets, or enjoying the penguin parade.

There are so many reasons to visit Australia in December and it’s a great destination for solo travellers, groups of friends, couples, and families. There is so much to explore and soak up during the winter.

Photos by Silas Baisch – CCO Licence

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