The Life of Stuff at the Blog Awards Ireland 2013

Blog Awards Ireland 2013


Blog Awards 2013 - Edwina Elizabeth - The Life of Stuff

So The Life of Stuff made the finals as you know, of two categories in the Blog Awards Ireland 2013. Alas we were not winners. Sad face. However we had a fun-filled night at the Osprey Hotel in Naas, Co. Kildare. Patrick, I and my Mum, (whom we brought using the ticket I won for being a finalist for the Glenisk Recipe Competition, which alas I did not win either. Sad face) … shared a table with some lovely folk … from sponsors to fellow bloggers to TV personalities … all very starry eyed! Anyhoo the food and wine was good. The goody-bag was a nice surprise . The entertainment in the Jessica Rabbit form of Bunny, a funny and fabulous Drag Queen from Northern Ireland but whom you’ll find cabaret-ing it up in Pantibar on Capel Street Dublin and the talented, singing and dancing UnderCURRENT troupe who’s base is Dublin kept us all … well, entertained!

Here’s a few snaps from the night. The theme was ‘Cabaret’ so I donned  a top hat, waistcoat, funky hairstyle – thank you Garry – I got lots of compliments about it!, black n white heels and faux leather pants … black and white with a splash of red via my red braces, nails and lips! … Sure why not! Mam looked lovely as usual and Patrick looked very dapper but he’s a little shy to share his mug so I’m sharing a photo of a different mug instead … enjoy 🙂

Blog Awards 2013

Blog Mug Blog Awards 2013

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