Listons – Lower Camden Street, Dublin

Listons – Delicatessen/Food, Wine & Cheese Store


I really love this store. It was introduced to me by my brother years ago when he worked on Wexford Street. He advised me that they made the best sandwiches around. He was also recommended their steak sandwich at the time which really deserves credit as my brother is vegetarian … word of mouth is a powerful thing.

The store caters for all tastes be you vegetarian or not. They have a fantastic selection of fresh cheeses which they source locally, from the Uk and further afield from mainland Europe. You’ll find their cold meats such as salami, chorizo, hams are tasty and are of high quality. Their bread is delicious. Their hummus to die for. When it comes to their grocery section … well it’s a one stop shop, from rice to pasta, vinegars to oils, spices to sauces, they’ve got it. They have a brilliant selection of wines and when it’s time to pay you’ll be tempted by their selection of chocolates at the counter too … it’s ok to give in. You’ll also be wowed by what foodilicious surprises you can find there and with cheese, dips and bread samples ready to tempt you … it’s a great place to develop your food tastes too. To top this every time I’ve  shopped there, I’ve been more than happy with the customer service, and as mentioned before I’m all about customer service.

I popped in the other day and picked up a little feast for my Fiancé and I … nom nom. If you’re in the area it’s a definite recommendation and for more information you can visit their website here. Oh and right outside the door, on Lower Camden Street is a great fresh fruit and vegetable mini market … so no excuses for a fresh and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Bread – Listons, Snowdonia Cheese, Wales – Liston’s, Milano Salami, Italy – Listons, Hummus – Listons, Eggs, Mayo, Cranberry Sauce, butter (we Irish love a bit of butter on our bread even when it’s not needed), bread sticks – all in the kitchen press or fridge … nom nom 🙂 , Roses – from my Valentine.



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