Neil Young and Crazy Horse, RDS, Dublin 2013

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Dublin June 15th 2013

 Neil young and Crazy Horse Dublin 2013

On Saturday when out with my Mum who came up to ‘The Big Smoke’ to take me out for lunch and get me a prezzie (my birthday was last Thursday), I got a very appreciated and grateful phone-call from Ed my cousin to wish me Happy Birthday and say he had two tickets to see Neil Young that night! For me! Whoop! This fabulous call came at 4pm … the same time the gates were opening! The next hour was spent on the phone with my fine gentleman trying to organise ourselves to get to the RDS pronto!

Unfortunately we missed Little Green Cars … I’ll see them again for sure. We did however get to see and rock out to Los Lobos and rock and bop about to The Waterboys, who played loads of their classics … and when Neil Young and Crazy Horse took to the stage we nodded in agreement that this was going to kick ass!

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Dublin 2013

I’ve read some articles following the gig which read that Neil indulged himself in his own guitar rifts, that the crowd were fuming that he didn’t play the old rockin hits … to these I say bah! You came to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse … you got to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Old favourites like Heart of Gold and Old Man are Neil Young minus the Crazy Horse … check your ticket next time! (Grrr)

I had a brilliant time. The sun shone for most of the afternoon and evening. The wine was a flowing. My beau and I met up with some good friends. We were treated to some fine music and got to witness one of the coolest and talented songwriter / guitarists in our living days with the Crazy Horses; Ralph Molina, Crazy Horse drummer since the 60’s, Billy Talbot, Crazy Horse bassist since the 60’s and Frank Sampedro, Crazy Horse guitarist since the 70’s … wow! Can you imagine the stories they could tell … hold on … isn’t that what they do! Funnily enough we bumped into one of our own great story tellers Declan O’Rourke on our way from the gig … coolness!

Neil Young and Crazy Horse RDS DUBLIN 2013

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