Northern Paris: Horse Riding to Château de Chantilly

Visiting Château de Chantilly on Horseback

My Experience in Photo’s

You’ll find Château de Chantilly within the Domaine de Chantilly in the town of Chantilly in Northern Paris, only 40 minutes from Paris Beauvais Airport.

I had the pleasure of being part of a blogger trip to Northern Paris in May of this year and Chantilly was part of my experience … and what an experience it was!

Horse riding on Henson horses to the magnificent Château de Chantilly is stuff dreams are made of. I hope to one day return and experience it all again, but for now my photo’s will remind me of what a time I had … and on that note here is my experience in photo’s …

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Northern Paris, Horse Riding to Château de Chantilly

The Introduction

It all started off at the grand Espace Equestre Henson-Chantilly HQ, where we left our belongings, met a very happy dog, and were introduced to our riding instructors.


The Stables

Next it was on to the stable area where we where we were not so much suited but definitely booted. We picked our riding hats, were given our reins but most importantly assigned our own Henson horse.

My horse for our Château de Chantilly experience was to be ‘Volga’, named after the longest river in Europe. I was excited, nervous but excited.

The Horses

The Henson horses (which we saw from our mini-van as we entered the town of Chantilly) are kept in a meadow right next to the Equestrian HQ, making the whole scene a stunning one.