Poetry Day Ireland April 30th 2020 – There Will Be Time

Poetry Day Ireland – There Will Be Time

Poetry Day Ireland takes place on Thursday 30 April 2020 and the theme is ‘There will be time’ Whether you share a poem, read a poem, or programme your own online event, everyone is invited to join in and celebrate.


Poetry Day Ireland - There will be time

How to Celebrate Poetry Day Ireland

Things you can do this year, at this time –

  1. Write some poetry. Even a line.
  2. Discover some new poetry.
  3. Share your own words or your favourite poem and photos online using the hashtag #PoetryDayIRL

Things you can prepare to do next year –

  1. Write some poetry.
  2. Submit a poem to a competition or website.
  3. Partake in a poetry event.
For information on Poetry Day Ireland 2020 visit poetryireland.ie

Irish Poetry to Inspire You on Poetry Day Ireland

The following well-known poems by Irish Poets, have featured in The Life of Stuff’s ‘What’s On Guides‘ for Dublin and The Island of Ireland in the past. The poems represented the months and seasons covered by the guides. These What’s On guides are on hold at present. For when we travel again.

For when we travel again.

And we will travel again.

There will be time,

To meet, and greet,

Stop along the street.

No more shuffling of feet.

Be still my heart beat.

There will be time.

by Edwina O’Connor

But First in memory of Irish Poet Eavan Boland

To a wonderful Irish Poet for whom I am lucky enough to have a whole world of her poetry to discover. And a beautiful poem that celebrates motherhood, parenthood and life. A poem that was voted one of Ireland’s favourite 100 poems by readers of the Irish Times in 1999. When I was far from motherhood. Nowadays, as a mother, this poem resonates. It’s beautiful. It captures the truth. And those magical everyday moments that are hazy and fleeting but forever with you.

Night Feed by Eavan Boland

Poetry Day Ireland April 30th 2020 - There Will Be Time - Night Feed by Eavan Boland

Through the Months – Poems by Irish Poets


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