Why You Need To Spend More Time Outdoors

Spend More Time Outdoors

You need to spend time outside your home. The pandemic has demonstrated to everyone the importance of outdoor activities to human well-being.

Vitamin D deficiency surged at the peak of the pandemic when self-isolating individuals didn’t leave the house for an extended period of time. Your body requires frequent exposure to direct sunlight to support the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in the absorption of calcium, the protection of the immune system, and the regulation of mood swings and depressive disorders.

Why You Need To Spend More Time Outdoors - Health and Wellness

Indeed, people who struggle with vitamin D deficiency can experience unpleasant consequences, such as:

  • Weak bone structure, as your body can’t process calcium effectively,
  • Fatigue, sadness, loss of focus, and concentration, which are common symptoms for seasonal affective disorder, a condition linked to the reduction of direct sunlight exposure,
  • Increased vulnerability to infections and illnesses; experts have warned of enhanced covid risks for patients with inadequate vitamin D levels

But there’s more to the outside world than being a source of vitamin D. You should spend more time outside for the following self-care reasons:

Why You Need To Spend More Time Outdoors - Keep You Youthful

Spend More Time Outdoors Because It Keeps You Youthful

Do you know the saying ‘act your age’? Forget about it. You are only as old as you allow your mind and body to be. Therefore, staying active will keep you healthy and also youthful. What does the outdoor life have to do with it? It’s simple. You are more likely to stay active in a natural environment. The woodlands, a mountain hike, and a day at the beach all encourage physical activities. The more often you step outside of your home, the more likely you are to exercise. Whether you are walking to the shops or jogging through the fields, the outdoor life contributes to your physical agility and youthfulness.

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Why You Need To Spend More Time Outdoors - sense of adventure

Spend More Time Outdoors Because It Unleashes Your Sense Of Adventure

Where are we going? We don’t know! Why are we going? Because it’s an adventure! Nothing screams adventure and excitement like a road trip. Road trips are the perfect companion to the outdoors. You can jump in your land rover and seamlessly take it to remote areas seamlessly, stopping when and where you want to explore the landscape on foot. Every road trip needs a reliable mode of transport, and depending on how remote your adventure takes you, you should consider your options – something like a 4×4 or an SUV is the perfect partner for going cross country. Whereas often times the elegant ‘urban car’ is ill-suited for an outdoor adventure, due to uneven terrain.

Why You Need To Spend More Time Outdoors - inspires you

Spend More Time Outdoors Because It Inspires You

Where do you find inspiration? Whether you need to write an essay or find a solution to a complex problem, everybody knows that inspiration comes at the least expected moment. The reason for this is that your brain needs to relax to be able to find new ideas. Being surrounded by nature allows for mental relaxation. As the mind escapes day-to-day pressures, it because more attentive to the surrounding details and information. As a result, your brain is in the optimal state to be creative and experiment with new thoughts.

Additionally, the outdoor world offers a unique sensory-boosting interaction. Your senses are stimulated by the things you see, touch, hear, and smell (sometimes also taste if you find wild berries!), which naturally takes the brain out of its standard pattern of thoughts. With the increased influx of oxygen, your brain literally becomes an idea-churning machine.

It goes without saying: going outside is good for you. However, the more we understand the benefits of the outdoor environment, the more we want to see and enjoy it to the fullest.

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