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The Laughter Lounge in Dublin is an Institution. One full of the funniest crazies that Ireland has to offer. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been but I must say that each time I’ve gone, I’ve had a blast.

What to Expect

With doors open at 7.00pm and the last ‘Comedy Act’ finishing up between 11 and 11.30pm, your visit to the Laughter Lounge can BE your ‘Night Out’. Or the BEGINNING of your ‘Night Out’. I’ve tried and tested both those waters. And both get two thumbs up. I’ve boozed it and gone teetotal for a night. And I’ve always had a great time, and laughed my lil socks off! If you have decided that it will be the BEGINNING of your Night Out. Then not only does the venue turn into a club after the show but you are on the doorstep to Dublin City Centre. So it’s basically your oyster.

As I am quite familiar with the whole shebang I thought it’d be nice to share some tips. Tips I’ve picked up from my many laughter filled nights at the Laughter Lounge.

Laughter Lounge La Carnival

10 Top Tips for a Great Laughter Lounge Experience

  1. Arrive early. Although the show doesn’t officially kick off until 8.30/45pm, doors are open from 7.00pm so if you’d like to get good seats it’s advisable to arrive well before 8.00pm.
  2. Choose your seats wisely. Unless you want to be asked questions or bantered with (that sounds quite rude) – don’t sit in the front seats. If on the other hand you do, do! Sure it’s all in the name of craic at the end of the day!
  3. Nab a table. Tables are useful objects, one can lean on them and place things on top of them, things like booze for instance. There aren’t too many tables amongst the many seats so if you do get the chance, nab one, but don’t be greedy. Personally if I am only with one other friend I think it’s only polite to share the table with my stranger neighbours. So move down a seat or two if you’d like to do the same. They’ll most likely appreciate it. Plus you’ll feel good and it’ll start the night on a feel good vibe … dude!
  4. Get your picture taken. There is a permanent photo-booth at the bottom of the stairs/lift. So grab your friend(s), or some stranger if you like and get snap happy in the booth. But be advised the photo’s will be on the Laughter Lounge Facebook page for everyone to see. And tag, and possibly point at.
  5. Avail of the drink promo’s. There are special offers available before the show starts and after the show is over. Pitchers, beers, wine, and shots. So if you are like me, and must keep a tightish hold on the ol’ purse strings, then check them out.
  6. Run to the Loo. This tip is for ‘the ladies’ as I don’t know anything about ‘the gents’ toilet situation. Anyhoo, ladies if you do need to ‘powder your nose’ in a hurry. I would recommend silently slipping to the loo just as the ‘Act’ is finishing up and as the ‘Host’ takes over. Just before they take a break basically. Because the toilets do get pretty busy. But of course it goes without saying to have respect for the comedy act and the audience. So don’t make a commotion. As that would be pretty rude.
  7. Join in. Clap, whistle and heckle if you so wish. At the appropriate times obviously. It’s a comedy night so enjoy being a little bit boisterous. But don’t become annoying.
  8. Don’t Natter. There is nothing worse than having to ask someone to ‘be quiet’. Or be forced to throw the ‘evil eye’ at someone because they just won’t shut up. Don’t be that person.
  9. The Comedians. There are normally three Comedy Acts/Comedians and one Host each night. Which means you are basically getting to witness four Comedians. The Acts go in order of fame I suppose, with the final act being considered the ‘headliner’. Now, you might love all three acts. You might prefer the headliner. Or you might prefer the first act that is new to the whole scene! It’s a personal preference and will depend on your taste.
  10. Enjoy it. Simples.


Top Tips for the Laughter Lounge Dublin


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