Thursday’s Tomfoolery – Monty Python by Eclectic Method

Monty Python Remix – Eclectic Method

Eclectic Mix Monty Python

As you probably heard a couple of months ago Monty Python is coming back! … and it’s about bloody time too!

Below is a short film of the highlights of the Monty Python Press Conference that was held on November 21st, 2013 to discuss the Monty Python Reunion Stage Show in London.  Tickets for the initial comeback performance sold out in a crazy time of about 44 seconds however after such a fantastic response more dates were added, which you can check out on the Monty Python Live website here

If my wallet permits I’d love to catch one of their live shows. I don’t know how comedy comes across in such big venues like to o2 as I’ve only ever attended comedy shows in smaller more intimate venues, I like them like that but I’d be willing to give it a shot to catch these comic geniuses in action. I’d love even more if the Python team came back to our small screens. If you didn’t already have a Monty Python night in over the Christmas holidays … this remix from Eclectic Method will put you in the mood to get streaming or DVD watching your favourite films or TV shows now … I know it did for me …

… ”Is your wife a go-er”…. “Family entertainment bollocks, what they want is filth”… “Today we’re going to do marching up and down the square” …. “This Parrot is deceased” … “I wanted to be a lumberjack”… “Every sperm is sacred”…

Eclectic Method – Monty Python from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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