Thursday’s Tomfoolery – The Chronicles of Inchicore

The Chronicles of Inchicore – Brave, Sensitive, Mysterious, Bastards


The Chronicles of Inchicore

I haven’t posted a Thursday’s Tomfoolery post in a while. If you enjoy them. Soz bout that. I’ll try my best to include more in future. A very good friend shared this video with me recently and as I’m all about ‘sharing is caring’ and ‘havin the craic’ … I’m now sharing it with you.

The Chronicles of Inchicore, chronicling the lives of Ger O’Penguin & Daire O’Monkey aka Ger and Daire who live in Dublin 8. Two twenty-somethings who like to tell short stories about their lives or what they have observed from lives through the means of cute teddies with an adult nature – sure how could you not love it or find it entertaining at least. If you’d like to see more from Ger and Daire then you can follow this link to their Youtube page Mr Hutch and Funk Stew … for now though … why not sit back and relax for ten minutes and enjoy the film!

The Chronicles of Inchicore – Brave, Sensitive, Mysterious, Bastards

‘After meeting and falling hopelessly in love with girls from their respective place of work, Ger and Daire compile a list of what they believe to be the ideal characteristics that women look for in men. The following day, they both use this list to help them seduce their love interests but with very different results’

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