Stay Safe While Camping – 5 Tips for The Great Outdoors

How To Stay Safe While Camping In The Great Outdoors

You are probably reading this because you want to go camping, either by yourself or with other people, but you likely haven’t done so before.

Everyone has a relative or friend who goes camping every year. And they might have told you about the different ways to go camping – such as pitching up a tent or staying in a camper or caravan.

Get all the advice you can, and research as much as you can before you set off. But remember that the most important thing you need to be sure of is camping safety; the last thing you want to happen is for an incident to ruin an otherwise fun adventure.

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Stay Safe While Camping - 5 Tips for The Great Outdoors - Bring a First Aid Kit

With that in mind, we want you to consider the best ways to stay safe while camping. The following points illustrate some perfect ways to achieve that goal, whether you’re camping alone or as part of a group, such as with your family:

Stay Safe While Camping – 5 Tips for The Great Outdoors

Bring A First Aid Kit

When you’re camping, you never know whether you or one of your party might accidentally injure themselves. Each year, many people have minor injuries during their camping adventures. Fortunately, they can quickly get taken care of by using a first aid kit.

A first aid kit is cheap to buy yet can literally be a lifesaver when camping, especially if you’re wild camping and are miles from civilisation. Most first aid kits include things like plasters, dressings, scissors, and some alcohol or iodine-based disinfectant.

Stay Safe While Camping - 5 Tips for The Great Outdoors - Choose a Safe Campsite or Place to Camp

Choose A Safe Campsite or Place to Camp

One obvious thing you need to do is consider the safest place to go camping. Naturally, most people will want to stay at a campsite with amenities like electrical hook-up points, toilet and shower facilities, and food shops.

If you wish to camp away from the beaten track, check that you’re camping on suitable terrain. Consider using a roof top tent instead of a conventional one for added peace of mind. And always know what services are nearby and how far away they will be from you – should you need them in an emergency.

Another point to consider when choosing where to set up camp is mobile phone coverage. Some national parks have very limited mobile phone coverage so understand how far you will need to travel in order to get coverage.

Stay Safe While Camping - 5 Tips for The Great Outdoors - Prepare for the weather

Prepare For The Weather

Wherever you go camping, one thing you should do is research the likely weather conditions before you leave your home. That way, you can prepare for sunny or wet weather by packing appropriate clothing, for instance.

Of course, weather reports are never 100% accurate, so you should always pack clothing for unseasonable weather in case you encounter any pockets of adverse weather while you’re away on your camping holiday.

In Ireland and many parts of the UK, you can actually enjoy, or dismay at, four seasons in one day – so be proactive in your packing.

Consider The Best Camping Option

A tent might have been perfect for you twenty years ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s still the right choice for you today. That’s why you need to think about the right camping options for your needs.

For example, pitching up a tent won’t be a good idea if you struggle with bending down. It would instead make more sense in such cases to invest in a caravan or campervan.

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Stay Safe While Camping - 5 Tips for The Great Outdoors - Consider the best camping option

Educate Yourself On Best Cooking Practices

Last but not least, you must educate yourself on camping cooking practices. Yes, you already know how to cook, and you do so at home every day without any issues. But, you need to remember that cooking the way you want in specific locations may not be possible.

For instance, setting up a campfire might be prohibited in some places due to the risk of forest fires. Plus, you should avoid using a gas stove in an enclosed space like your tent due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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